Since our hipster blood runs from our fedoras down to our toes, we cannot neglect our feet. Luckily, a few new shoes have been discovered this week that can replace the hole ridden ones we love so dearly but must tragically leave behind. Both girls and guys have some awesome new options.

20120229_144355Girls: Going to a job interview but reluctant to take off the TOMS? Yes, a common hipster worry. Now there is a solution! Berkeley graduating seniors can now graduate to a more sophisticated style without having to leave the security of the TOMS logo. We can still give one for one to show our future employers just  how generous we are by wearing the new TOMS ballet flat. Our favorite is the Alessandra black and white style. Just released last week and now available at Bancroft Clothing Company, these let our TOMS go from day to night.

The perfect Berkeley shoe has been discovered! Sold at Urban Outfitters and on the Tretorn web page, this wonder is a mixture between a hightop and a rain-boot. We call it “The Hipster Rain Boot.” No more avoiding puddles in order to keep our cool kicks clean and dry. We can keep our urban style even during the most brutal sideways rain that Berkeley can dish out. April showers will be here before we know it. So, hipsters, get your Tretorns!

Image sources: Kara King, Daily Cal

Amer AparLooking around the Berkeley campus we find them everywhere.  Hanging out in a coffee shop with their MacBooks, on Memorial Glade with a pair of aviators and shoes off, on the steps of Wheeler hall reading or walking in exactly 10 minutes after the hour to their Literature / Art History / Film classes.  Hipsters.  Well, the population may be increasing due to hipster clothing being discounted to a fraction of the price.  We may see Berkeley inching our way closer to the top of the “Most Hipster Campus”  list. Feeling edgy? read more »

Sexiest costume ever.

Apparently the best costume ever.

Halloween weekend is finally here and we are sure that most of you are either putting finishing touches on your elaborate costumes or, laughing at such a waste of energy, throwing on a Santa hat and calling it a day (can you guess where we lie on the spectrum?). As we all know, thinking up of costume designs can be an overwhelming task — limited only by your imagination and amount of disposable income.

That said, while some go off the beaten path and inspire with their truly unique costumes, many  fall into the trap of thinking of an “original” design and then realizing that pretty much everyone else had the same costume idea as they did (naughty angel, how original). So what are some popular costume ideas that will possibly be littering parties this weekend?  Yesterday, Google released a list of most-searched Halloween costumes for 2011. The list is as follows:  read more »


A few months ago, we waxed apocalyptic about what appeared to be American Apparel’s impending financial doom. However, it looked as though AA would slide through, albeit into a more humbled position, as investors offered to loosen some slack and renegotiate loan covenants. Nope.

American Apparel is in deeper doo-doo than ever. The New York Stock Exchange is threatening to delist them and their accountant just quit, saying their numbers might not be reliable. And suffice it to say, a lot is riding on AA keeping those numbers up. In this moment of crisis, AA management has finally come to openly acknowledge the hard truth behind their trouble: “hipster is over.” read more »

ruby image

Thursday night the Pacific Film Archive showed a collection of student films entitled “Fleshed Out.” We weren’t sure what to expect from the title until we walked in a few minutes late and we were faced with a 15-foot vagina on the screen. The first film was a disturbing montage of medical consultations … let’s just say there was lots of body hair and penetration.

The second one was about a mock researcher named Sarah Gray who was investigating the “Ego Monster,” a naked bird-like creature with a bulbous stomach that called itself “Fraat” and squawked something about coming from L.A. and being a photographer. We assumed it was some kind of criticism of SoCal Frat boys, but then the film just ended. We found out it was originally part of an instillation for an art class … alright, that makes sense. read more »

pulp art lolz

Against the tide of ironic mustachery, the Oscars, Irish drinking holidays and college basketball madness, the UC Berkeley art community attempts to wedge itself a slice of March. Of course, we support this and suggest that you check out this and next week’s happenings. At least one of them, we’re pretty sure, has free booze going for it. read more »

This guy will be shopping Plaid Friday. Will you?Ever heard of Black Friday? Of course you have. It’s that day right after Thanksgiving where people in middle America get trampled at Wal-Mart trying to get the last Tickle Me Elmo and people un-pass themselves out of tryptophan-induced comatose states before dawn to stand in line for the opportunity to purchase video games. In other words, it’s Hell on Earth.

Fortunately, a few East Bay “indie” (or “independent” for the uninitiated) businesses have come up with a suitable, hipper alternative to that basic stand-by, black. They’ve initiated “Plaid Friday,” which participating merchants hope will raise awareness for local business and boost holiday sales.

As a result, flannel-donning hipsters can roll out of bed and feel like they’re sticking it to our culture’s rampant consumerism while still managing to pick up a hand-made something for the mom and/or dad they’ll never admit they have. Genius! Literally everybody wins. Except the people who don’t own any plaid clothing. But please, how many of those actually exist anymore?

Image Source: TheSundayBest under Creative Commons
Local Shops Hope ‘Plaid Friday’ Will Boost Sales [Daily Cal]

urban outfittersComing to our cultural rescue, as always. We can count on you, UO, to smooth the rough edges off of what might have once been labeled “alternative” and serve it to us, nice and convenient, on one pricey platter. Now, they’re taking their crash course in what’s cool and new in the world of indie pop culture to the web with a brand new blog! Stay tuned for daily updates on fashion and the ultra-hip happenings in cities where you probably don’t live. For example, read more »

Oakland: at least it’s not Cleveland. From Eye on Blogs, we bring you a snazzy idea: a road trip to Oakland! Woohoo!

Earlier this week, the Daily Cal released its Summer Orientation issue, with some familiar faces recommending choice staycation spots. And a while ago, we pointed you to the travel blog. Honestly, we’re beginning to feel like pushers. Of awesomeness.

Enjoy the above video, and we’ll bet you’ll be planning your bus ride to Oakland in a jiffy! Oakland clearly > Berkeley. Self-irony 4 lyf.

Like Disneyland, but Oakland [Eye on Blogs]
Oakland! [YouTube]
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