ClogGreetings, lovely readers. As a new semester paws at the Clog’s heels (pun intended), we’re preparing a spring full of scrumptious, high-cholesterol blog food for your reading pleasure. But before you can dive in, we need some fresh writing voices!

Major clog duties include:

* Posting at least four times a week
* Attending a weekly meeting
* Strong interest and/or involvement in Berkeley student life
* Writing with a confident voice, creativity and without errors

Does that sound like you? If so, send your goodies to [email protected].

Please include your name, year, contact information, and a few sample Clog posts. You may even send some posts from your own blog, if you have one. Note: no whiny LiveJournal entries about how you broke up with your boyfriend and consoled yourself with a chicken salad. Please.

Complete these two steps with flying colors, and you’re halfway toward becoming a bona fide Clogger! Oh, and you also get paid. But that’s not important to you, because you love to write. Right?

We’ll set the deadline to Feb. 1st to coincide with the Daily Cal recruitment schedule, but we suggest you apply as soon as possible. Hiring will be done on an as-we-go basis.

Yes, you read that right. Earn some extra moola this summer (and maybe even the fall.)

See the lovely picture? That could be you, if you were a Clog blogger.

Being a part of the Clog involves:
* posting at least four times a week
* attending a weekly meeting
* writing with a strong voice and without errors

Oh, and let’s not forget having to work really, really hard when rating gelato and ice cream.

If you’re interested in earning dinero, in writing in general and in contributing to the Clog, please email us at [email protected] with the following:

1. Name, year and contact information
2. Your two best writing samples–non-fiction only (papers are OK, sample Clog posts are better)

And it’s that simple. We’ll give priority to those who respond the fastest, so hurry up!

There’s another blogger out there, and we don’t mean that failed ASUC candidate Beetle. This one is a Berkeley math student. In cyberspace, he writes under Bears Necessity, but in real life you can just call him Avinash Kunnath. Dude, he’s so serious about this blogging gig he’s even got a dot com.

Does he know we’re still looking for summer writers?

His blog looks kinda promising. He’s been doing a bit about Telebears scheduling for a few weeks, focusing on a different major each time. Right on.

On his site, the up-and-comer claims that

he never reads the Daily Cal because it requires him to actually go to lecture, and also entails that he has to read words. He decided to start up his own cutting-edge media service to get in touch with the students of Cal, the nation, the world (and those aliens he knows exist out there, I’m looking at you Protoss).

Recently, though, he linked to Carnal Embrace, a conglomeration of Sex on Tuesday’s column blurbs. We guess having stuff online just makes it seem so much sexier, eh?

It looks that Kunnath is trying to start another CalStuff, may it rest in peace. He will later be looking for writers for the blog when he leaves.

He says his blog is different from newspaper publication because “we use the f-word if we can.”

Where did this royal “we” come from? Who does he think he is, the Clog?

Plus, he really shouldn’t be throwing f-bombs just because he can. That’s so fucking balls.

OK, we admit we just want him to link to the Clog once in a while. Let’s be friends.