9:40 a.m. PST: Roll on you Bears!Cal bears

11:20: ESPN Streak for the Cash, which the Clog plays most diligently, has the Texas Longhorns favored over the Bears at 92.7 percent. The Clog, naturally, will be ignoring the unfavorable odds and placing our money on the Bears. We’ll show ‘em.

5:10: Clog friend Kevin has just Tebowed for the team. Hopefully this will ascertain our inevitable victory.

5:17: The first punt of the night! Cal defense has just shut down … oh wait, oh wait. Punt kick fumbled. WHAT ARE WE DOING RETURN TEAM?!

5:19: Ref is saying something here… apparently it was illegally touched by Texas. Cal ball. Close one. Let’s keep it sharp, Bears.

5:28: Tavecchio makes the field goal! First points on the board for Cal! read more »

The California Golden Bears are back in a bowl game this year! Specifically, the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl.cal bears football

When: Wednesday, December 28, 5 p.m. PST.

Where: Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego and on every faithful Bear’s TV screen.

What to watch: The Bears rolling on over the University of Texas Longhorns. What precisely is a “longhorn”? According to our good friend Wiki, it’s “a fatbreed of cattle known for its characteristic horns.” Cows versus Bears? This shouldn’t be a problem. read more »

Last week, we mentioned that Athlon Sports was doing its annual preseason college football rankings, and that they were doing it countdown style.

Last week, Athlon previewed Cal’s chances for the upcoming season, ranking the Bears at No. 11. Well, today’s June 1 and Athlon says the No. 1 team in the land is (no shit) Southern Cal.

Of course USC is No. 1.

Hype is everything in college football and with almost everyone returning and that beat-down the Trojans gave to Big Blue (aka Michigan) in the Rose Bowl last year, all the pundits are now grovelling at Pete Carroll’s feet.

Even Fox Sports, via Scout.com, thinks USC is the best team.

But surprisingly, even though everyone in the country is loving the Golden Blur, DeSean Jackson, and that “electric” offense Tedford has, the Bears aren’t getting love from Fox Sports. Fox Sports actually ranks Cal at No. 15. Scout.com thinks the Bears are heading back to San Diego for their third Holiday Bowl appearance in four years.

Well, Scout, who’s going to the Rose Bowl, you ask? How about the Baby Bears of UCLA? Yeah, while everyone is building Cal up to be the one who can slay the USC dragon, Fox Sports and Scout think the Bruins are the better team.

How much better? The Southern Branch is ranked No. 7.

And then we notice the location of Fox Sports HQ—Los Angeles. We’ll just write those rankings off as L.A. bias.

But they also still love Oregon State, as the Beavs come in at No. 25. Why? Why does everyone love the Beavs?

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