5124207642_891199d47c_bIt’s time for that wonderful, spooky and exciting holiday that kicks off the fall: Halloween. On October 25 the Residential Hall Assembly (RHA) is holding its annual RHA’s All Hall-O-Ween. It’s trick-or-treating… in the residence halls!

The event is a great way to share the fun of Halloween with University families and local elementary school students. Residents can volunteer to give kids candy from their rooms — all candy is provided — or they can volunteer to be tour guides. The RHA is working with the East Bay Asian Youth Center to bus in children and their parents from Garfield Elementary School and La Escuelita Elementary School in Oakland to come trick-or-treat with the residents. In addition, the RHA is also providing buses for families living in University Village and the housing department. The event is funded using a portion of the $45 fee that every resident pays to the Residential and Student Services Program, so it’s a great chance to see your money at work!

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reindeer really know how to fly

You know the holidays are drawing near when the reindeer come to town.

Wait, what???

Yes, you heard us right the first time; the reindeer have come to town (aka San Francisco).

The city might not be quite cool enough (literally) to score Santa’s own Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, but the San Francisco Zoo seems pretty pleased with the little loves they do have — a very festive quartet of reindeer named Belle, Holly, Peppermint and Velvet.

They’re cute as can be, and you can catch a peek of ‘em all through the holiday season at the zoo. Now dash away! Dash away! Dash away, all!

Image Source: santheo under Creative Commons
Reindeers Land in San Francisco [NBC Bay Area]