There is a nonzero probability that Dr. Manhattan will not appear at the event.

Have you ever sat in a theater watching some movie, only to scoff at the screen and think “that’s not even scientifically possible! … I think.” Lucky you, because science is here to think so that you don’t have to!

Consider going to “Hollywood Science Meets Berkeley Lab,” an event billed as a free-admission double feature tomorrowWednesday, Feb. 3 and FridayThursday, Feb. 4.

The first part taking place on Thursday Wednesday goes from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Berkeley Rep. Topics include how scientists are depicted on the big screen and how crazy surprise plot twisties sometimes rely on bastardized science.

The second part on Friday Thursday goes from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Goldman Theater, where the Berkeley Lab is launching a Science Café series. It will feature “an informal interview of SyFy TV’s Eureka co-creator, Jaime Paglia,” with an hour where the conversation will be “audience driven” (read: hour of Q&A).

Image Source: moneyworksillustration under Creative Commons
Berkeley Lab Goes Hollywood [LBL]