Do you have an essay due the day or week you get back from Turkey weekend? A midterm? Anything? If you don’t, you’re one of the lucky few…and probably don’t go to Berkeley. Everyone’s got something or another to do. And if you booked it out of the rain-spattered city before the half-week even started, you may have even more to make up getting lecture notes. Aren’t breaks fun?

Work work work

Since the beginning of formal education, students have been arguing the counterproductive nature of assigning work over holidays. Aren’t we supposed to relax on our days off? Shouldn’t a school break mean a break from homework and studying as well? Apparently not, given that there’s often more work to take home for the holidays than during a normal class week.

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Procrastination Meter

There’s being productive and doing work, and there’s straight-up messing around. But then there’s that confusing grey area of thinking-about-doing-work-ish-but-not-really-cause-you-keep-checking-Facebook-but-you-really-don’t-want-to-commit-to-full-on-messing-around. Yeah. That limbo.

Let’s face it: as much as we commit to being good students, we don’t spend as much time actually doing work as we should (in the productive spectrum). Some of this time of not-working-dom is spent in the spectrum of concretely messing around. But we find that a majority of this time, we wish we could be working, because we know we should be. So we do as much as possible without actually doing work to try to avoid the guilt that we think would most likely accompany the straight-up-messing-around sphere of activities. We open books and tabs, organize our notes, open some more tabs and maybe a word document or two, and alternate between various social media outlets as a tiny little cheat, because that’s not as bad as committing to watching a movie, right? RIGHT?! Sadly enough, in our trying-so-hard-to-avoid-procrastination brains, it is. read more »

What have I done!?

What have I done!?

We’ve all done it. Streamed endless amounts of television until our minds are pleasant puddles of mush, putting off the inevitable grade-determining work that defines college. “I’ll get it done,” we all chant to make ourselves feel better. But when we actually get down to it, it’s like the world has crashed down on our shoulders. How did all that work suddenly multiply?!

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procrastinationChances are you are already an expert procrastinator.

Probably less likely is that you actually feel that your time spent zoning out while pretending to do homework is actually accomplishing anything. But oh, how wrong you are.

Recent research on attention has found out what most college students already knew—that a wandering mind is a very common affliction. However, somewhat more surprisingly, researchers found that the lapses in attention might be playing a crucial role in helping us work through difficult problems.

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