AIDS WalkWith the 25th annual AIDS Walk San Francisco only a couple of days away, we wanted to remind our readers that there are still plenty of ways to support this very important event. Here are a few tips that’ll help you raise money for the walk that benefits local AIDS foundations.

Bake sale – We don’t recommend that you look for any baking tips in our video of the week, but if you already have a solid recipe for some yummy goodies, a bake sale might be a nice way to get the money rolling in.

Playing for change – This being Berkeley, we know that you — or someone that you know — own some kind of musical instrument that can be used to collect a little money. Considering that Telegraph Avenue already has a long row of people asking for cash, a BART station might be a better way to go.

Facebook – Let all of your friends know that you’re walking for this great cause, right before you let them know that any donations they make will be tax-deductible.

The event begins at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, July 17. You can drop off all the donations you received at the sign-up table on the eastern end of Golden Gate Park (through the Haight Street entrance).

If you feel like walking with a group of Cal students and alumni, there is still time to join the UC Berkeley fundraising team.

Image Source: jerekeys under Creative Commons
AIDS Walk San Francisco [site]
Earier: Take Back the ASUC

3457689361_f8328547d7On the off-chance that you’ve been getting all your campus news from the Clog alone, well, for starters, we’re flattered. But there have been some alarming goings-on of late where our student government is concerned, and while you should definitely check out the Daily Cal for the deets, we figured it’s about time we break it down for you here as well.

In a nutshell, the UC Berkeley administration is screwing up. As of July 1, the oversight of the ASUC Auxiliary was realigned from the Office of Administration and Finance to the Division of Students Affairs. The transfer was spurred in part by recommendations from the Operational Excellence Initiative and, more importantly, with very little input from student leaders and without adequately informing or involving the student body as a whole.

Furthermore, June 29 saw the abrupt retirement of ASUC Auxiliary Director Nadesan Permaul, who read more »


There is very little else to this story than what the title already conveys. We have such a way with words.

On July 6 and 7, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., internationally published artist Catherine Watters will be in the UC Berkeley Botanic Garden, teaching the 16 lucky members of her workshop to “observe, measure and draw plants in great detail and with botanical accuracy.”

… And that’s about all we have to say. Wait, hold the phone — registration is 160 bucks. Yeah, that’s probably worth mentioning.

Image Source: Kathy Cassidy under Creative Commons
Botanical Illustration: Introduction to Botanical Art [UC Berkeley Events]
Earlier: Spend Your Summer Outdoors Without All of That Physical Activity Nonsense

centerThe best Saturday nights are obviously those spent sitting in the parking lot of a Bank of America. On Saturdays, Aug. 6, 13, 20 and 27 the Downtown Berkeley Association is planning “Center Street Summer Cinema,” free showings of movies on, that’s right, Center Street.

The audience will sit in the Bank of America parking lot and watch a movie projected onto the old UC Printing Plant Building. With gracious democracy, the Downtown Berkeley Association is holding a vote in order to decide which movies to play.

The movie actually seems like the least interesting part of the night. After 6:30 p.m., Center will be blocked off from traffic from Oxford and Shattuck, probably so that event attendees don’t become too familiar with speeding cars. This will also allow at least 15 restaurants to serve special dishes on or near the road.

As you’re enjoying your meal in the street, you can also enjoy lovely music from performers at the Downtown Berkeley MusicFest. The DBA is also planning what seems like a veritable carnival (without the rides), with face painting, cartoons, and short features.

This definitely makes sitting on asphalt for two hours sound a lot more worth it.

Image Source: chaley420 under Creative Commons
Summer movie series launches in downtown Berkeley: Vote for the films you want to see [Berkeleyside]
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if it says "classy," then it's gotta be classyIf you’ve never had the privilege of attending the annual Ojai Music Festival, well then friends, you now have one more day to experience the magic without needing a ticket to SoCal.

What exactly is this Ojai Music Festival, you say? Well, it could very well be described as a classier version of Coachella, you know, without all of the drugs, rape and “Ecstasy induced wizard[s]” (see: This Week’s Sign of the Apocalypse: Coachella = Rape and Doom). And did I forget to mention that it’s a classical music festival? Classy!

On Saturday, June 18 at 8 p.m., the festival will read more »


We Cloggers are notorious for having a profound infatuation with food – think Tina Fey on “30 Rock” (God we love that show). As it turns out, this is highly beneficial for all of you lovely readers as we continuously work on keeping you up to date on all the fabulous Bay Area eateries, which, on occasion, happen to have deals that are almost impossible to pass up on.

San Francisco’s Dine About Town event is one of these deals, being quite possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened to the Bay Area since … well, since the sun finally decided to visit us again. From now until Wednesday, June 15, over 100 San Francisco restaurants read more »

39452272_4bbad68a3e-1Things that we deeply appreciate include but are not limited to food and a ridiculous sense of humor. What happens when you wed the two — aside from the Clog, obvi — is, apparently, Oatmeal Magazine.

Not to be confused with The Oatmeal (which, by the by, you should definitely peruse either way), Berkeley’s Oatmeal Magazine defines itself in the following titillating terms:

It’s a dog-eared copy of an old Harlequin. A dollar you magically find on the ground with a string attached. Oatmeal is, in short, kind of mushy and bland but full of fiber to make you poop, so you must eat it whether you like it or not. After awhile it’s something you get used to, and grow to love and depend on.

What more do you need to know? Probably plenty, so check out the website. Send in a submission. Let that strange little breakfast-mongering beastie deep inside you run wild and free.

Image Source: mrjoro under Creative Commons
Oatmeal Magazine [site]
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baconThis Sunday is Bay to Breakers‘ centennial celebration: One hundred years of evolution have fine-tuned the 12K footrace into a handy excuse to dress up and start drinking at 6 AM. Truly, transformation at its finest.

Those of us able to get our exhausted, post-finals-partying asses out to the city this weekend will get to revel at pirates and human crayons, smurfs, grapes, walking bacon strips and on and on. There’ll be people dressed as bears chasing people dressed as salmon “upstream” (backwards on the race course), and of course San Francisco’s premiere collection of wrinkling nudists will read more »

This guy wrote a good resume.

This guy wrote a good resume.

A new term and a new year have put us in the mood to really apply ourselves. Specifically, by applying to jobs and internships. And like most processes of applying oneself, securing a coveted position starts off with a proper resume. Whether your current resume is already bursting at the margins or is no more than a blank sheet of paper, a hilarious (read: irritating) list of the “Top 5 Intern Resume Mistakes,” recently put together by Politico’s James Kotecki, may point in the right direction. Or at least point out what he, James Kotecki, deems to be the wrong directions, leaving you to figure the rest out for yourself.

We’ve perused Mr. Kotecki’s list of mistakes -

5. High School is Over
4. Useless Padding
3. You Did WHAT?
2. Obvious Typos
1. You Don’t Match. At ALL

- and consolidated it into two points for your reading convenience. According to Kotecki:

read more »

Do you wish you could hang out with these guys? Are you not a particular fan of trying to track down your favorite a cappella group for Sproul performances? Do you not enjoy paying for things?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might want to consider hustling over to Hertz Hall in a few hours, where a veritable plethora of campus a cappella groups will be performing indoors and free of charge. Whether you prefer the quirky stylings of Noteworthy, the preppy, collegiate airs of the Men’s Octet, they’ll all be there to welcome you to a new semester at 8 p.m. this evening.

The Clog will see you there.

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