Joseph Kony and his child soldiers took up Facebook by a storm the other night when Invisible Children’s eleventh documentary entitled “Kony 2012” began popping up on everyone’s Newsfeeds. We were intrigued by the ubiquity of the 29 minute (and 59 second) video (does anyone really have time for that?) that has already garnered 11 million views on YouTube alone, and decided to spend some quality time procrastinating for a cause instead of doing homework (that’s much better than regular procrastination, right?). read more »

It’s certainly been an interesting few weeks where animal rights are concerned. With a handful of protesters still on trial after exercising their right to, um, creative expression, Bay Area activists of a rather different breed seized the opportunity last Saturday to make a statement of their own.

“Humans first” advocates gathered outside Golden Gate Fields in a rally that witnessed what was perhaps one of the most read more »