This may be one of the more brilliant holiday ideas we’ve come across.

Grab two cups of water, one cup of sugar and six to eight candy canes and you are ready to make some candy cane syrup! The syrup can add some peppermint flavored sweetness to all off your holiday festivities.

The crafting blog ChicaandJo, the creator of this delicious candy cane concoction, detailed out some other great ideas for using their holiday treat. The syrup could be great for sweetening and adding some peppermint flare to your coffee. ChicaandJo recommends using it on ice cream (we think some apple pie would go great with that) or bottling it in some nice mason jars for a gift idea. Just throw on some nice ribbon and you have something to bring to a holiday party or use for part of a DIY gift. If you want to make this delicious peppermint treat you can find full instructions, including pictures, at the ChicaandJo website.

[ChicaandJo via LifeHacker]

Image source: trevor3999 under Creative Commons


Looking for a place in  San Francisco’s Tenderloin to do your laundry where you can also enjoy a nice hot sausage? Look no further, Joey’s has everything you could ever want while waiting for your socks to dry!

We were walking by Joey’s, located at 517 O’Farrel St., after Pride, and just had to share this. We looked into the store’s front window and saw a cafe front with a large washer and dryer room in the back. This is brilliance, but like one Yelp reviewer of Joey’s asks, “How did this place come to exist?”

Image source: Robert Frawley, Daily Cal

iceSummer should be a time of ceaseless laziness and unabashed gluttony. Yet too often school, work and all that other unwanted stuff seems to intrude. Give yourself a well-deserved break Wednesday, July 13, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

While the location doesn’t seem to inspire the carefree gaiety of summer, the Hall’s “Summer Fun Day” event does seem like it will deliver what it promises. Summer Fun Day is Ice Cream Day, where attendees will have the opportunity to make their own ice cream and compare it to free samples from Double Rainbow (yeah, Double Rainbow).

You can also satisfy your inner-nerd and learn about the science behind the process of freezing cream. Tickets are free with admission to the Hall, plus you can score free sprinkles if you bring your own cup and spoon.

Image Source: weelakeo under Creative Commons
UC Berkeley Events Calender [Site]
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patrickCold Stone’s extravagance diabetique and saccharine sing-songiness is out these days. Instead, recessionista thrift strikes C-Stone’s former Shattuck and Allston Way location with the honest promise of one dollar scoops Young Guns II movie download . There’s no fumbling federal metal at John’s Ice Cream- sales tax is included. And don’t expect to settle for some chocolate-strawberry-vanilla operation; of John’s 32 flavors, the Clog recommends you go for the cake batter, or fried ice cream if you’re feeling curious.

“People can’t believe that a scoop of ice cream only costs a dollar.  I have to keep telling them ‘it’s not a limited-time offer; this is just how we roll,’” says John’s employee Patrick Owens.  “I had a guy ask me for two half-scoops.  I told him we can’t do that, so he offered to pay me double,” he tells. Oh, sweet incredulity; who could say ‘no’ to some depression delights this summer? Jon’s opened on May 23 and has one other location down south. The Clog expects it will stay around for a while.

Image Source: Alex Bigman
John’s Ice Cream [Yelp Uncommon Valor ipod download Mischief Night ]

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Today, the Chron released its “Mission Sugar Trail

,” which we would like to lovingly dub the roadmap to diabetes. Please, for the love of all things sacred and sweet, do not attempt this journey in one day. You may go into seizures. As in multiple.

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In the wake of some high times yesterday, Ben & Jerry’s will celebrate its free cone day Barnyard release today. Yeah, sure the portion’s a bit skimpy, but who’s going to say no to some ice cream on a day like this?

Oh, and P.S. The Berkeley store opens in less than 30 minutes, so get a move on already!

Where: Jeff Dunham: Arguing with Myself hd 2128 Oxford Street
When: Death Defying Acts psp Bug movie download Today, 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. (but the Berkeley store is open from 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.?)

Free Cone Day [Ben & Jerry's]
via SFist

No matter what happens on Nov. 4, at least you can drown your sorrow or celebrate your victory with free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Sweet.

Starting lining up early in front of the student store. The B&J’s crew will serve one scoop per customer from 2-5 p.m. Oh, there is still beauty in the world!

Image Source: Amy the Nurse under Creative Commons
FREE Ben & Jerry’s on Election Day at UC Berkeley! [Facebook]

Say hello to yet another Berkeley shop that’ll tickle your sweet tooth–Tara’s Organic Ice Cream on College and Alcatraz avenues. Just blocks from massively popular ice cream shop, Ici, Tara’s threatens to throw it down with our resident bougie dessert stop with four five-star reviews on Yelp following its Sunday opening. Visitors are raving about the crazy flavors concocted by the New Mexico-based Tara Esperanza, some of which include garam masala or green chile. read more »

Tsinghua University

Remember the days when you could walk into a cafe, find a stranger to talk to and say, “isn’t it great how Cal produces more Ph.D. hopefuls for U.S. doctoral programs than any other university … in the WORLD?” Neither do we. But the point is that those days are over.

It’s not that we lost our No. 1 spot to Stanford or Harvard, which might be forgivable, but to two foreign institutions—Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, says The Mercury News. read more »

We have ice cream in our eyes, on our brain, and now we’re ready to get it in our bellies. Tuesday marks Ben & Jerry’s celebrated Free Cone Day, a verifiable cream dream. The store on Oxford Street would be your best bet to snag a scoop anytime between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m.

If after Ben and Jerry’s you’re still not satisfied with your frozen freebie, Cold Stone is another option. The mix-in creamery offers free servings on your birthday–if you subscribe to their list/club. Eight ounces of a Signature Creation in exchange for an inbox of promo e-mails? Oh, it’s such a joy to be a summer baby.

And not to be out done, there’s Ici. No, there’s no giveaway there, but we do hear that milkshakes will occasionally make appearances as daily specials. It’s like the world of ice cream wants us to eat it all up (or slurp it down).

Image Source: Amy the Nurse under Creative Commons
Ben&Jerry’s 30th annual FREE CONE DAY! [Facebook]
Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club [Cold Stone]

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