shorts11-235x300The Beavers really slaughtered the Bears in this week’s game against Oregon State, but tailback Jahvid Best almost made it literal with his “serious concussion” he received after landing hard on the back of his head and neck. We wish you the best, Mr. Best. [Daily Cal]

You know what would really help solve this budget crisis: just getting rid of the professors. Don’t get something? Just press the “I don’t understand” button on your chair. [New York Times]

There’s a lot of Shakespeare going on in Berkeley, folks. Check out the BareStage production of “Othello” or The Globe Theatre’s production of “Love’s Labour’s Lost” at Zellerbach. The Clog has seen both and we can vouch that both are excellent. [Cal Performances]

If, for some reason, you have the mid-fall urge to go ice skating, then too bad. Just kidding—you can head over to the Embarcadero rink or the Safeway Rink in Union Square in SF to get your skate on. [7x7]

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The Berkeley Iceland has been chillin’ for almost a year in development limbo, but keep crossing your fingers for a wealthy donor to make it rain on our favorite crusty skating rink. The once-popular recreational palace just took one big leap toward making a comeback, Nancy Kerrigan style.

In 2007, the Berkeley Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) declared Iceland a landmark, a move that acted as a barrier against the housing developers who intend to pave over the beloved Berkeley watering hole. Today, however, the non-profit group, “Save Berkeley Iceland,” announced a key move–a contract that essentially tells the developers to go screw themselves. In other words, “Save Berkeley Iceland” now possesses the exclusive rights to buy and reinvigorate the property. The estimated cost of a Berkeley ice renaissance is $12 million, however, which will most likely take years to accumulate.

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