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The last irrelevant Star Wars photo of the summer

When the Clog chanced upon its first Berkeley City Council meeting this summer, we were expecting it to be a bunch of boring white men talking about boring white men problems. What we weren’t expecting was a spectacle worth missing Taco Tuesdays for.

The Clog would like to thank the characters of City Council and the public commentators for making this summer a memorable one, and for forcing us to sweat immeasurable amounts in that stuffy old room. Here’s our recap of the best and worst moments of Berkeley City Council, summer 2012: read more »

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The Berkeley City Council meetings (here on out known as BCCM) are free entertainment — the Clog simply can’t get enough. We’ll be providing y’all with a recaps every time we hit one up. Here’s this week’s, involving armored tanks and nuclear energy: read more »

ice shot glasses
Geeks – gotta love ‘em. Especially the geeks who work at ThinkGeek and happily challenge the social notion of what geeks actually are. If the definition goes something along the lines of, “awesome people who think of super cool innovative things for the die-hard fans of Star Wars, Portal 2 and even Doctor Who (just to name a few),” then geeks deserve a shitload of admiration.

So wait, what’s this about frozen shot glasses? We’re not kidding. ThinkGeek especially is not kidding. For all you thirsty of-age alcohol drinkers (we are totally against supporting any sort of underage drinking in college), the Clog thinks this is definitely worth your attention and money.

Called Cool Shooters Ice Shot Glasses, read more »

This week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents did not raid classrooms in the Berkeley and Oakland school districts. We repeat, the ICE did not snatch children out of their seats during Algebra class in hopes of deporting them. ICE spokesperson Virginia Kice tells the Chronicle, “immigration authorities try to conduct their investigations and detentions in appropriate times and places, with consideration given to the sensitivity of the surrounding community.”

In other words, the ICE keeps the drama on the down-low. Still, rumors of school raids riled people up, sparking a protest at Berkeley High School. A few students in brown armbands gathered there yesterday as an outcry against raids in general-which actually happen every day, and not just when rumors fly out of hand.

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