goldAfter discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

In this time of economic turmoil, everybody seems to be looking for extra cash. And those people who happen to have enough cash are keeping quiet about it. But such is not the case in Germany.

A group of rich Germans have banded together to petition the government to charge them higher taxes read more »

consultingSo, we at the Clog haven’t been talking much about “Operational Excellence”—a plan which includes bringing in Bain & Company, a consulting firm, to advise the UC Berkeley campus on how to cut costs—but plenty of other people have.

The basic idea, announced a little over a week ago, is simple, the consultants will look at and analyze campus operations and make an objective determination of where cuts should be made with the current budget. However, as you might imagine, they’re not working for free, and the consulting will cost in the neighborhood of $3 million. read more »

yudofOh Mark Yudof. We know the last few months haven’t been the easiest for you. And it can’t be fun to have so many people blaming you for all the university’s problems.

While he may not have made all the best calls, we’re willing to believe that the current budget disaster runs a tad deeper than some misguided  executive pay raises and management decisions.

Which is why we cringed a little bit when we read this interview with him in the New York Times.

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We promised we’d be bringing you all the latest from the walk-out and teach-in. And here we are, at the teach-in. Hopefully I’ll come up with a better picture by the end of the night (EDIT: As of 1 a.m., we have new pictures, courtesy of Hannah Jewell), and I’m also willing to bet good money that someone’s going to trip over my laptop cord at some point.

So without further ado… read more »

letterProfessor Catherine Cole, who teaches in the theater, dance and performance studies department here at Berkeley, has authored an open letter to students that’s been circulating on the interwebs.

In it, she argues that in the turmoil of the budget cuts, Yudof & Co. (more on that later) have been making efforts to fundamentally alter the mission of the university. She brings up the possibility of staff walkouts this month if such efforts continue. This could get serious.

Here are the bullet points of her argument:

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diversity Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced last week that next year UC Berkeley will be admitting even more international and out-of-state students—because they need the cash.

The move shouldn’t be terribly surprising, given that in-state students pay about $9,750 per year in fees compared to $32,400 for out-of-state students. read more »

You’ve heard it all before—the state’s financial situation is horrible. And as such, so is the university’s. As of July, they had a budget shortfall in the amount of $813 million. So, the expected cuts came …  unpaid furloughs, talk of paycuts, hiring freezes, fee hikes and to top it off, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau announced you won’t be able to stay out late in the libraries during finals anymore.

Luckily, the UC Board of Regents, beacon of fairness and fiscal responsibility, has been here to see us through this tough time. And in their meeting last month, the board approved an additional $500,000 to supplement exective pay at various campuses and also chose to create two new executive spots at UCSF.


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catBlack Oak Books, once providing the perfect location for post-Cheeseboard-meal book shopping, is officially moving out

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. It seems times are tough, and the store is packing up and looking for greener pastures … or cheaper retail space, as it were.

The new location doesn’t appear to have been officially confirmed, although there has been talk of a move to the intersection of Dwight & San Pablo Avenues. We can only hope that this move will go well and the store will reopen in its full labyrinthine glory at its new location.

However, we can’t help noticing certain similarities between this move and the throes of closing-reopening agony Cody’s Books went through last year before finally succumbing to its wounds. Not that the trend is altogether surprising—given that the current economic downturn seems to be compounding the bookstore-annihilating forces already wielded by

Image Source: 0olong A American Hauntingn movie download under Creative Commons
Black Oak Books Moves [Berkeley Daily Planet

]Return of the Ghostbusters video