As the USC away game rapidly approaches, hundreds of Cal students ready themselves for the long-standing California tradition of winnebago-ing to SoCal.

For those of you who don’t know what “bago-ing” is, let us fill you in. It’s basically like a family road trip on an RV. But, instead of your family, it’s a bunch of fraternity guys, and instead of your responsible Dad driving you, its a nervous freshman pledge holding your life in their hands. Rather than the fruit and fresh baked chocolate chip cookies your mom would normally pack, your bago is stocked with Hot Cheetos, Sour Patch Kids and Red Vines. And instead of stopping at famous sights along the way, you look forward to your one stop at the world famous Kettleman City In-n-Out. Get the picture? Yeah, it’s half crazy, half awesome.

As we prepare to leave the land of “hella” and composting, and enter a world of 24-Hour Fitnesses and bleached blonde hair, we must take this time to re-hash proper etiquette and important tips and tricks for surviving the bago. read more »

innoutAs we all know, Berkeley faces some weighty issues. One concerned person asks, “How come the scientists get all the lasers? I think we should all have access to lasers.”

How do we know this? We don’t just go around asking people about their stance on laser availability. One group of Berkeley students recently launched a website called CitySandbox, where people can voice their thoughts about their community.

The site combines a Google map of the Berkeley area with social networking. Users can click on a specific spot on the map and comment on whatever they so desire. Other users can then comment on the marker that is created and vote on whether or not they like it.

Ideally, this will be a platform where serious community issues can be addressed. The project is part of Berkeley’s Social App Lab, an undergraduate research group which deals with media that changes social participation.

The application has already dealt with some problems such as potholes and crime. We at the Clog are of course very concerned with the pressing matters raised. After all, why are there no closer In-N-Outs?

Image Source: Aaron Friedman under Creative Commons
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