Attention to any and all individuals with classic Toms and raw denim jackets:

As you hopefully saw yesterday, we clued you in on a little show happening tonight at The Fox Theater in Oakland. The duo performing is a veritable wet dream in the world of indie music, so we’re definitely bringing a spare pair of American Apparel underwear and gearing up for some amazing music. As we already mentioned, the opening act for tonight’s show is the effervescent and endlessly talented Merrill Garbus, better known as tUnE-yArDs. An act like that is tough to follow, but we’re confident St. Vincent has what it takes. read more »


It’s time to put on our super tight skinny jeans, distressed denim jackets and obscure band t-shirts, because we have a new music artist that we think you’ll like! Her name is Nanna Øland Fabricius, and if that wasn’t already fabulous enough, she became Oh Land at the beginning of her music career.
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urban outfittersComing to our cultural rescue, as always. We can count on you, UO, to smooth the rough edges off of what might have once been labeled “alternative” and serve it to us, nice and convenient, on one pricey platter. Now, they’re taking their crash course in what’s cool and new in the world of indie pop culture to the web with a brand new blog! Stay tuned for daily updates on fashion and the ultra-hip happenings in cities where you probably don’t live. For example, read more »