bubbleNo matter how much people age, they always seem to find one of life’s simple pleasures in blowing bubbles. Louis Pearl knows all about blowing bubbles as he proudly wears the title “The Amazing Bubble Man.” Having discovered “The Bubble Trumpet,” in 1980, Louis got started on the streets of Berkeley, demonstrating different bubble toys. Twenty-six years after his discovery, Pearl has performed thousands of bubble shows all over the world. Advertisements claim he can pull off smoking bubbles, bubbles modeling the planetary system and bubble animals, among other things. The Bubble Man can put some people inside his bubbles while having others eat his work. If you’re interested in seeing this spectacle for yourself, “The World’s Funniest Bubble Show,” is held every Sunday at 11 a.m. through April 3 at The Marsh Berkeley (2120 Allston Way).

Image Source: The Big Quack under Creative Commons
The Bubble Man’s World’s Funniest Bubble Show [The Marsh]