We here at the Clog love student organizations. So, as part of a new series, we will be spotlighting a number of them in hopes of exposing them to potential members.

The first in our series will be the Berkeley Poetry Review — which, if you haven’t heard, is a lovely publication edited by students who are passionate about poetry. Founded in 1974, the magazine has published well-known poets such as Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Czesław Miłosz, Robert Hass, Robert Pinsky and Thom Gunn. If you are interested in poetry and in working in an editorial capacity on a literary magazine, we would like to encourage you to join!

We had the opportunity to speak with Andrew David King, the editor in chief of the Berkeley Poetry Review. He was punctual and professional in our interview. With previous issues in hand, we met over a hot coffee at the Free Speech Movement Café.

A junior originally from Hayward and a double major in philosophy and English, Andrew joined the publication through happenstance. After speaking with Cecil Giscombe, who was able to put him in contact with one of last year’s managing editors, Andrew joined the publication.

“It was a relatively small group last year, and it will probably be a small group this year,” he said. “To my knowledge, it’s always been a tight-knit organization.”

The friendly, tight-knit publication highly encourages new people to join; the only requirement is an affiliation read more »

Chloe 1

Last week, we introduced you to adorable vegan chef, Chloe Coscarelli. We were lucky enough to stop by her book signing and meet her in person, and boy is she adorable. Chef Chloe came ready to talk about food, and a batch of vegan mini cupcakes (major bonus points). To make matters even more unbearable (and we mean that in a good way), said cupcakes were adorned with glitter.

Chloe gave a talk about vegan cooking and what it means to be vegan, followed by a little Q&A session. Afterward there was a wonderful meet and greet, where the young chef proceeded to sign books and talk to her fans. She spent so much time with each person that the owners of Omnivore Books were ready to close up before she was done! Now that’s too much to handle (also in a good way).

Before Chloe left the bay, we managed to snag her for a quick interview! Check it: read more »

Longest california Sushi roll

Hopefully by now you’ve had a chance to scope out the Daily Cal Senior Editorial Board’s interview with UC Berkeley’s ever-chipper chancellor, Robert Birgeneau.

If not, the editorial and full transcript of the 90-minute chat are available online. If you’re searching for substantive discussion of the issues raised, this is probably not the place to find it, but we’ve compiled some of the most notable, most interesting and most head-scratch-inducing moments of the interview. read more »

bearcardoRicardo Gomez (a.k.a Bearcardo) has been something of ubiquitous presence in our lives during this past semester, what with his involvement in the walkout and compulsive commenting on the Daily Cal website and the Clog. So much so that he is a known personality even among the other commenters.
As one guest put it:


So who is this mysterious character? The Clog sat down with him a few weeks ago to find out.

read more »

yudofOh Mark Yudof. We know the last few months haven’t been the easiest for you. And it can’t be fun to have so many people blaming you for all the university’s problems.

While he may not have made all the best calls, we’re willing to believe that the current budget disaster runs a tad deeper than some misguided  executive pay raises and management decisions.

Which is why we cringed a little bit when we read this interview with him in the New York Times.

read more »

CalTV presents another interview, this time of the star and director of “Eastern Promises.” Rosa Kim leads the circus. Now, we know Kim personally, and she enthusiastically says “hi” to us on campus. But that’s beside point. We still don’t think CalTV has found the right interviewer or has perfected its talent.

Don’t get us wrong–Kim’s great as a personality, but that personality is too big for the role of interviewer. Watch and you’ll agree with us when we ask “Exactly who is being interviewed here?”

The interview emphasizes Kim with extended shots, especially one solely of her reactions as Viggo Mortensen and David Cronenberg provide just the voiceover. And although her bubbly personality carries well for a one-woman show, we don’t think the stars can hold a candle to her bouts of giggles. And that’s not a good thing.

Also, if we want to be really picky: WTF was up with the no-sound clapping and the random, jerky jump cut near the end? Jump cuts should be reserved for music videos and the crappy “experimental” film of a struggling art/film practice major.

Please, CalTV, give us a break and start up the show again. Leave the celebs alone.

Eastern Promises [CalTV]