We have all seen the notorious yet ubiquitous “Sent from my iPhone” signature, and perhaps it is not worth analyzing something so trivial. But we love analyzing everything, and therefore we’re going to analyze the meaning, usage and existence of the “Sent from my iPhone” signature. Android and BlackBerry users (if there are any still out there), worry not. You guys are included in this discussion as well.

Before we got smartphones, we used to look at these default smartphone signatures with a little bit of envy. “Oh look at so-and-so, s/he has a smartphone and can send emails.” We wished we were that cool. Then we got smartphones. We kept that signature in as a way to brag. “LOOK AT US PEOPLE, WE HAVE SMARTPHONES, HA!”

Signature then

Signature then

Apparently though, some people have legitimate reasons for keeping in the default email signatures: read more »


STOP! … Now look around.

Whether you’re in a dorm room, at a café, in a lecture hall, awkwardly standing in the middle of Sproul Plaza because we told you to stop (you can move now), the signature products he invented are visible anywhere you look.

Think of the many times you’ve walked by a person this week and noticed the trademark white headphones glued to their ears. Think of the many envious glares you’ve given the people you see chatting on their iPhone 4 or blissfully playing a game of Angry Birds on their iPads. Most importantly, however, think about the device you’re using to read this post or the one you used when you heard the tragic news. Is it an iMac? A MacBook Pro? Even it isn’t a Mac, virtually every single product that Steve Jobs and company created read more »