We all should know more about the Iranian protests of 2009. The difficulty is getting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his ilk to release any kind of real information. Thankfully, though with Twitter and the resourceful citizens of Tehran, we get some idea of what went on–and now, at the Pacific Film Archive, you can see it for yourself.

Tonight (March 16) at 7 they are showing the documentary “Tehran Without Permission” as part of the ongoing Asian-American Film Festival. The movie was made by director Sepideh Farsi and filmed entirely on her camera phone. In other words, “armed only with a Nokia camera phone and her own daring,” Farsi walked the streets read more »

It’s easy to hate on social networking sites. They are, after all, generally populated by obnoxiously egocentric morons who not only feel the need to chronicle every useless detail of their day to day lives, but also tend to do so with incredibly poor grammar. Well, we’re just sayin’. read more »