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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Governor Brown’s nomination of UC Berkeley law prof Goodwin Liu to the California Supreme Court may stir a lot of Golden Bear pride, but in other spheres, the choice was potentially controversial. [LA Times]

Then again, there are those who argue that, at least in terms of Brown’s political career, the move was something positive — a step toward “mak[ing] amends for missteps he made in his youth.” [Sac Bee]

Yet another audit has found UC Berkeley lacking in the way of transparency. And this is news because … ? [SFGate]

Today supposedly marks the long-awaited trial of detained hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal in Iran. It is about freaking time. [Bay Citizen]

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It was with an almost inappropriate level of excitement that the Clog learned of Sarah Shourd’s plan to speak at UC Berkeley tomorrow afternoon. Like many around the world, we’ve been following the story of Shourd, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer quite obsessively ever since the three Berkeley grads were detained while hiking near the border between Iraq and Iran in July 2009.

From their imprisonment and charges of spying to President Ahmadinejad’s generally uncooperative douchebaggery — from a much-celebrated engagement to read more »

UC Berkeley graduate Sarah Shourd is one of the three American hikers who were imprisoned in Iran. She was taken with her now-fiancé Shane Bauer and friend Josh Fattal — both UC Berkeley graduates. Of the three, she is the only one who has been released. To build support for her imprisoned friends, Sarah Shourd released a music video for her original song, “Piece of Time.” Take a look.

Freed US hiker Sarah Shourd releases music video after release from Iranian jail [Adelaide Now]

4411857245_d3c3bcab69Ah, yes, it’s a good week for off-the-wall pop references. You guessed it: this post is not about Madonna. It is, rather, an ode to our continuing preoccupation with Sarah Shourd, recently released from prison in Iran and currently making the newsy rounds back on American soil.

Maybe you’ve been following the story as obsessively as the Clog — but if not, here are some relevant tidbits for your eager consumption:

Shocker! The Cal alum will appear on a segment of Oprah that airs today. Maybe she’ll walk away with a free car for all her troubles. [Christian Science Monitor]

Stating her doubts that she, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal ever truly crossed into Iran, Shourd says read more »

No exaggeration—it really has been nearly half a year since the trio of Berkeley grads’ arrest after crossing illegally over the Iranian-Kurdish border. Since that fateful day in July, the resultant bandwagon colored in varying shades of indignant outrage has accumulated quite a following, from university officials to the U.S. government to a number of miscellaneous celebs.

Now, pending a Council vote tomorrow, the City of Berkeley seeks to add itself to those ranks by means of a letter addressed to the Iranian government read more »