empty lecture hall

Nothing like some Swift-style irony to make light of a half-way calamitous situation. In this smirk, maybe chuckle inducing article, Steven Clifford ponders the ultimate cure-all for Berkeley’s budget woes: just get rid of us, and let our highly esteemed faculty carry on their academia without the pesky burden of, you know, teaching. A faculty:student ratio of infinity does entice. If the prospect of a more expensive semester has got you down, we suggest you take delight in this.

Image Source: inio under Creative Commons.
University of California at Berkeley to Eliminate All Students on Jan. 1 [Huffington Post]

As the Men’s Octet began singing, this flyer was handed to us by someone trying to make an (ironically humorous) statement … we think. In the process of hating on Sather Gate, the protesters blocked access to the gate itself. Nice.

To note: the Wingdings message is gibberish, so don’t bother. Also, the Website doesn’t exist either. And is the misspelling of “their” intentional?