If the words “Israeli film” leave you drawing a blank, you’re probably not alone. But being the curious, open-minded (and frugal) Berkeley student you are, the upcoming free Israel film festival is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about the cinema of a different country and more importantly, eat free kosher goodies. We said the magic words: free food and entertainment. Now you have no excuse.

“The Spirit of Tel Aviv” is a month-long festival hosted by Hillel, showing free films every Monday at 6:00 p. m. in the Pacific Film Archive. Here’s a list of the films that will be shown: read more »


All these accolades are starting to get tiring. Third best university in the world, oodles of NLs, and now this: two Fulbright scholars from (you guessed it) our very own university.

Who are the two lucky ducks? read more »

An oak-cupant.Ah, the ties between Berkeley and Israel grow more tangled and antagonistic yet.  What with this recall business all twisted into financial and moral oblivion and “Israeli Apartheid/Peace and Diversity Week” just behind us, the last thing we needed was a direct confrontation.  Unfortunately for former tree-sitter Tristan Anderson, this confrontation came in the form of a canister of tear gas to the head.

Of course, Anderson is not representative of Berkeley.  Still, he was an unyielding occupying force in the trees outside Memorial Stadium during the 21-month protest that ended last September (hundreds of thousands of tax dollars later).  Then known as “Cricket,” his friends and fellow sitters praised 37-year-old Anderson for his idealism and resilient opposition to oppression everywhere.  It was this very spirit that fatefully brought him to the West Bank in Israel—after getting involved in a protest that escalated to dangerous levels—and left Cricket in critical condition.  The Clog sends Anderson its hopes for a successful recovery.

Image Source: Ingridtaylar under Creative Commons
Berkeley tree-sitter injured in West Bank [NBC Bay Area], via UCBLJ


But still no news on whether Israel is going to ‘pull out’ of Gaza. (Might be a little NSFW.) read more »

We at the Clog have gone protest crazy. Yes, we know there’s one every second. But damn, May-Day and Jimmy Carter Day back-to-back?! Thanks for reaffirming our will to live, Lord.

Based on the knowledge that the mere rumor of a famous person farting near Berkeley will lead to picket signs, the Clog knew Carter’s arrival would mean an orgy of the opinionated.

And the event-within-the-event delivered like an orgy should—an amusingly awkward orgy, that is. The pro-Carter people camped on the left side of Zellerbach, and the anti peeps chilled over by the right side. In between the two groups, frustrated normal people waited in line for a chance to see the bizarro Yellowcard.

So while they waited, we got sound bites from every quirky cluster. Here are the pictures/commentary of the brave souls who said, “Fuck the speech and fuck the webcast. I’m going to stand outside and hold a sign.”

Jewish Student Union-Lev Ingman, who identified himself as Dan Rosen (who is actually his frat brother)

“Okay, so we’re not here to say Jimmy Carter shouldn’t be here. We’re saying his presence is polarizing to the community.”

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of the Clog scratching its ambiguity-shaped head. Is “Mr. Rosen” saying, “We’re here to protest the fact that this man makes people inclined to protest”?

Go figure.

And that picture of JSU’s identity-challenged spokesperson is probably the photo of the millennium. We wonder if he ate something as old as Jimmy Carter before we took the shot.

Bay Area Women in Black-Sandra Butler

“We stand in silence. We’re the Jewish voice for peace.”

On the other side of Carterdom is this reticent organization—thankfully spoken for by Mrs. Butler. At first it was somewhat difficult to get an interview with them because these ladies were, well, conducting a silent vigil. So from what Sandra said, we’re deducing that the women were sort of silently protesting the JSU protest of Carter fomenting protest with a Jewish-themed demonstration of their own. We feel an aneurism coming on.

International Socialist Organization-Michael Smith

“It is great that Jimmy Carter is finally waking up to the fact that Israel is oppressing the Palestinian citizens. It’d be nice if he woke up to how they’re being oppressed inside Palestine.”

Workers of the world unite—in your back-handed quasi-praise of the former peanut farmer. We don’t get why a protester would show up just to sort of support somebody.

By the way, Smith’s mug shot is Ingman-level amusing.

handsoffiran.org-Keith Barton

“Well I think Jimmy Carter is the voice of reason and fairness in a polarized world.”

No comment here, but the Clog did find it funny that the group went by the name of “handsoffiran.org”. We’re reminded of Oscar from Arrested D yelling, “I’m Oscar…dot com!”

Jewish Voice For Peace-Glen Hauer

“For me, I appreciate Jimmy Carter’s courage. And also, that I think he’s a good ally for Jews. He doesn’t let his friends drive drunk, though.”

Ugh, more uninspired pseudo-kvetching. Before you bitch at us for saying that, just know that the Clog is Jewish. Well, on its ambiguous Dad’s side.