Oh, and we won ze football game.

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

People from all over the state descended on our lovely campus like swallows to attend a conference about statewide action for public education. Sounds like freakin’ Disneyland, right? [Daily Cal]

Target is coming to the Metreon, a.k.a. about a second away from the Powell Street BART station. In San Francisco. Which may still be more accessible for non-car wielding students than any Target in the East Bay. [NBC Bay Area]

Dave Weinstein, author of “It Came from Berkeley” tells a pretty epic tale of Berkeley’s birth and growth. And stuff. Also, old-timey visuals. Cool beans. [East Bay Express]

Well, this, friends, is why you ingest your caffeine before you get to work. [The Ticker]

Image Source: Emma Lantos, Daily Cal [ASIB]
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UC Berkeley, or in common parlance, the People’s Republic of Berkeley (OK, at least according to that one t-shirt at that one stand on Telegraph Avenue) has long been considered a place so progressive, so eccentric, so “Berkeley”, that it has rightfully been regarded as place detached from the United States itself. Or maybe that’s just the excuse the rest of the country uses to try to rationalize our behavior. Or to get rid of us.

But author Dave Weinstein, in his new book “It Came from Berkeley: How Berkeley Changed the World,” thinks that Berkeley is more than just a city full of tree-sitting, pot-smoking, atom-splitting, protest-anything-ing eccentrics. In fact he dares to call us the one thing that we have never before been called: read more »