Things are not what they seem.

Things are not what they seem in alleyways

It’s around 8 p.m. in San Francisco, and we’re trying to get some food — sandwiches mostly. One would think that Union Square is teeming with authentic cafes and food stands on the streets, but it was an unfortunate discovery to find not one but three closed delis — we weren’t settling for Carl’s Junior. Starving and thus slightly delusional, we ventured into a dim-lit alleyway (something we don’t recommend). In one alleyway by the Westfield Mall however, we were able to find an open restaurant: 54 Mint.

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This was on that new free-use white board thing on the ground floor of Dwinelle Hall yesterday morning. Google Translate says that “un topo carina!” means “a cute mouse!” in Italian.

Well, we’re sorry to inform you, anonymous — though kind-hearted — 8 a.m. Italian 1 student (Godspeed, by the way), that assessment is incorrect. This is most definitely a totoro. Which is like a billion times more awesome than even the cutest mouse. Respect!

Image Source: Jill Cowan

Parents in town? Impress them with your cultivated palate by showing them Riva Cucina.

The Italian menu changes from time to time, but you can always count on the pasta and seafood being absolutely delectable. We mean, you can practically taste the salt in the air.

We recommend the antipasto misto (two kinds of bruschetta and salame? we’re so there). If you’ve got a sweet tooth, order the panna cotta to seal the deal.

Location: 800 Heinz Ave., accessible by the 9 bus
Price: $15 to $20 per entree
Notes: Don’t be afraid of ordering lots of antipasti.

Image Source: _e.t. under Creative Commons
Riva Cucina [Website]
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