If you’ve ever dreamed of dating an Olympic athlete, ladies, you might just get your chance. Rumor (and by rumor, I mean College Candy) has it that J.R. Celski—who had just made his Olympic debut with short track speed skating in Vancouver—will be attending our very own U.C. Berkeley after the games end.

This 19 year-old hunk has already landed himself a bronze medal and is ready move right on up to gold—blue and gold, that is. Celski is still unsure as to whether or not he’ll continue to compete in the coming year, but seems to know what he wants academic-wise. Apparently, he’s thinking of pursuing a major in either Business Management or International Relations (an ambitious undertaking, even for an Olympiad). And according to a recent interview, he’s a wee bit nervous too, so be a pal, and invite him over for a study date.

Image Source: johnthescone under Creative Commons
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