The Dark Side just got darker thanks to UC Berkeley professor James O’Brien. The Force Unleashed is a Star Wars spin-off that includes a video game for all the latest and greatest consoles.

O’Brien’s contribution (Digital Molecular Matter technology based on his doctoral dissertation) brings the gaming experience to a whole new level, so to speak. DMM effects catch the little details, like the shattering of glass and the sway of trees, and pushes them one more inch toward that lifelike quality that we crave in role playing games.

We love Obi-Wan and all his heroic manliness, but TFU has the gamer play for the other team. Who can turn down a walk on Dark Side when it offers such realistic blasting Wookies and stormtroopers?

O’Brien proves that the highest degree of comp-sci nerdiness can pay off. Granted, it’s paying off in LucasArts, arguably the highest form of sci-fi geekiness, but we can still take pride in our UC professor.

Image Source: LostTulsa under Creative Commons
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