Wuuuut?!SQUELCH! announces its executive slate, which is full of familiar, self-proclaimedly intoxicated (Cough, Sarah Jeong at the elections forum last year, cough) faces. [Daily Cal]

We might also have forgotten to post  Student Action’s slate. Sorry about that. The only really exciting thing you missed is that the EAVP candidate’s name is Bundit Kertbundit. “Bundit like Beckham,” anyone? How about “Bundit the pundit”? [Daily Cal]

Yes, Berkeley’s takeover of Washington, department by department, is going perfectly according to plan. Muahaha. Uh … we mean, congrats Haas professor emeritus, Janet Yellen!  [NY Times]

Berkeley allows mixed-gender dorm rooms? Hm. News to us. Although, if it’s allowed at any schools, we’re somehow unsurprised that ours is one of them. [LA Times], via Jezebel

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In a speech at a university housing symposium today, Berkeley’s very own Janet Yellen descended from the marble vaults of the S.F. Fed to bequeath upon us an ominous portend of the oncoming economic meltdown. Yellen, a steel-willed ball-buster disguised as a wispy old lady, has served as the president and CEO of the S.F. Federal Reserve Bank since 2004. In her speech, she remarked that the Fed Reserve may whittle away at the benchmark interest rate, which currently stands at a piddling 1 percent. That’s after the Fed cut the interest rate yesterday for the sixth time this year.

In layman’s terms, cutting the interest rate is supposed to read more »