No snoring in class!So you’ve decided to take summer classes because you didn’t have the funds for that backpacking trip through Europe you’ve been raving about since last November. Bummer, but summer classes don’t have to suck (as much) when you have the Clog staff scouring through the session D schedule to find some interesting classes for your “enjoyment.” Here’s a list of a few classes we thought would make your summer at Cal fly much faster than it would taking Introduction to Financial Accounting or something equally dreadful. And please, let us know if you’re taking a class deemed interesting enough to stay awake through so we can add it to our list. read more »


If you’re a jazz baby full of that jazz-bo harmony, or wish you were, you’ve come to the right place. Located on Addison street, less than half a block away from the Downtown Berkeley BART station is one of the country’s best jazz schools: the Jazzschool.

So maybe the name isn’t the most original, but at least it’s to the point. The school is dedicated to the study and performance of jazz and offers instrumentalists and vocalists of all ages and levels a large variety of classes, workshops and private lessons.

There are two main programs at the school. The first is the Jazzschool Community Music School which offers the Adult Music Program and Young Musicians Program and the second is the Jazzschool Institute where one can get a bachelor’s degree in jazz studies.

The Jazzschool was founded in 1997 by Susan Muscarella who was a music student at Berkeley in the 70s. Every faculty member at read more »


Looking for something to do Thursday night? Look no further. Jazz singer Jacqui Naylor is playing in Oakland at 8 and 10 p.m. What’s more, 50 percent of the proceeds go to the San Francisco Domestic Violence Consortium. If that doesn’t tempt you, Naylor’s latest album is called “You Don’t Know Jacq.” And we all know everyone loves a good pun.

Tickets are $20 for the 8 o’clock show and $15 for the 10 o’clock show ($10 with valid student ID). The show is Thursday, Jan. 28 at Yoshi’s Club in Oakland.

Image source: pedrosimoes7 under Creative Commons
Jacqui Naylor Quartet [Yoshi's Jazz Club Oakland]