perThis Friday, March 2, the ASUC will be hosting “Perspectives” from 7 to 10 p.m. in Zellerbach Hall. What is this, “Perspectives” you ask?

“It’s a multicultural showcase which brings together groups from various communities on our campus,” said junior and Chief of Staff, Mia Hodge, who is helping put together the event. “Sixteen groups will be performing including the Golden Overtones, Cal Jazz band, Jericho, Cal Slam and the Human Journal. Also performing is an assortment of a cappella and dance groups including Azaad, Dil Se and For Christ’s Sake.”

Basically, we’re getting that it’s a talent show like we used to have in the good old days, only a bit more diversified.

Coordinators expect it to be a high energy evening as performing groups vary in talents from poetry reading to dance to comedy. read more »

upright citizens brigade theatre

Yeah we know, we’re clever. What we meant is that tonight the Upright Citizens Brigade came to UC Berkeley’s Wheeler Auditorium. The Brigade is a group of comedians with bases in both New York and Hollywood. They do different kinds of comedy from improv to sketch and stand-up comedy. Also, they have a website,, that features a plethora of funny videos, a message board, podcasts. Check it out, yo.

The show started at 8 p.m. and was opened by Jericho, UC Berkeley’s improv and sketch comedy group. Jericho did some improv comedy before introducing the main act. One of the students from Jericho counted to five and encouraged increasingly loud cheering from the audience as he did so to summon the Upright Citizens comedians. The cheering may have seemed read more »

ROTFLYAO? Maybe it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling you to vote for Batdar!!! in the National College Comedy Competition. Help Erika Budrovich, member of UC Berkeley’s favorite improv outfit jericho!, make the final four so she can showcase at the Aspen Rooftop Comedy Festival and harness all the bragging rights associated with the national title of “Funniest Filmmaker.”

Bonus guerilla improv: Bridgetroll. A classic example of the UC Berkeley student body’s seasoned mastery of the old “Stonewalling Weirdos Asking For Change” maneuver. read more »

Jericho!, your friendly neighborhood comedy / improv group, had its last show of the semester last week. Don’t cry though. The magic of jericho! continues on the Internet, yay!

Check out the Mailman bit above. It’s a little longish but it’s definitely not short on pathos … or a case of the silly. After the jump, two more chortle-worthy vids.

read more »


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

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* “He’s a Scottish terrier on California’s Oski bear.” [emailed from CalSERVE]

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* “Stop! I’m the bridge troll.” [YouTube]

Image Source: Christine Borden
Earlier: Ix-nay on the Ecall-ray

We thought about posting about this when we saw it happen in one of our classes, but A) we were lazy and B) we didn’t have our camera on us:

Also, since this is Berkeley, we’ve become extremely jaded and are no longer very impressed when random shit interrupts our lectures. That being said, something about the Gestalt or whatever (the whole is greater than the sum of its parts … Psych majors? Not at all applicable? Er, just forget it.) made this video seem significantly funnier than the one dancing guy in Wheeler Auditorium did at the time. So yeah. Three cheers for YouTube: Making things worthwhile that might not be otherwise, since … well–like, forever.

(Thanks for the tip, Moujan.)

jericho! Improv and Sketch Comedy [Web site]
How Did They Dance? [YouTube]