Michael Chabon, one of the Clog’s many wonder boy literary Jew crushes, the man who won a Pulitzer Prize for keeping us hog-tied inside an airtight vessel, haunted by dreams of Harry Houdini as we smuggled our way out of Nazi-invaded Prague and into the cartoon business of New York City, is indulging us in a free talk next week.

Chabon will be in conversation with Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Lit Robert Alter on Thursday, March 18 at 7 p.m. Wheeler Auditorium. Tov, toda, UC Berkeley Jewish Studies program. We personally can’t wait.

Image Source: Ryan Gessner under Creative Commons
Michael Chabon – Berkeley Seminars In Modern Jewish Culture Lecture [UC Berkeley Events]

As if Woody Allen hadn’t worked the subject ad nauseam, a UC Berkeley graduate student and another researcher are trying to explore how Jews get it on.

Reported today in the Jerusalem Post, Orvit Avishai, a UC Berkeley sociology graduate student, and Mark Guterman, a doctoral candidate in psychology at an unnamed institution, have put together an online survey of about 50 questions ranging from Mikvah habits to anal sex.

Beyond just finding out how many Chosen People stick it in the stink, the research has the potential to be pretty interesting in its exploration of Orthodox and observant Jews’ relationship to sex and the religion’s laws on the subject.

Guterman got the idea for the study after some preliminary research in Staten Island discovered that some Orthodox Jews don’t adhere to some of the sex laws. We know, that’s quite the shocker.

Seriously, who knew that religious people boned without regard to regulation?