jobFor those of us worried about being homeless after college — or worse, moving back in with our parents, the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ survey has some encouraging results. According to data from the month of February, entry-level hiring is increasing.

The survey’s index is scaled from zero to 200, with 100 denoting no change. From December to January, entry-level hiring rose from 120.9 to 126.3 — an upturn the size of which has never before been reported.

The survey also shows that 53.3 percent of participating companies stated that they intend to hire more college graduates than the previous year. This is pretty good news for those of us currently planning how to feng shui our cardboard box.

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National Association Of Colleges And Employers Hiring Index Shows Increase In Jobs For College Grads [The Huffington Post]

Academically Elitist KangarooMaybe you should try your luck at professorial life down undah! According to a study from Melbourne University, by the time you graduate and go to grad school, about a quarter of Australia’s “senior academics” will retire … leaving spots open for you!

So quit yer whining about how you’re going to toil for untold years getting advanced degrees only to enter into an academic job market that is barren for a young upstart like yourself.

You can always travel the path less trodden, to the largest island in the world. Where the toilets all flush backwards, kangaroos stop to say “G’Day!” and where the economy is flourishing! Roight, guys?! Roight! Incidentally, did you know that Aussies and Brits call scientists “boffins?” Well, thanks to the above linked article by Australia’s ABC News (and the Clog), now you do.

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Australia facing academic exodus: study [ABC News], via The Ticker



As if venturing out of Berkeley’s academic bubble and into the real world wasn’t terrifying enough already, graduating seniors are in for an especially limp, possibly sweaty economic handshake these days. And they’re scared. While wwoofing

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is always a good option for the hippie escapist, UC Berkeley offers a range of other suggestions and strategies for seniors who intend to bite the bullet. Here’s what the Career Center has got to offer: read more »