2475149762_be7b1aed72_oOH snap. But really, the headline is a bit sensational. (That’s what they’re for, though, right?) It’s merely referring to the Wall Street Journal’s latest study, which surveyed recruiters from 479 of the world’s largest companies asking which schools they deem to be the “top picks” in terms of turning out graduates who are “best prepared and most able to succeed.”

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evil-owlTo confirm our worst fears/what we already know, the Chron ran an article today about how hard it will be to find a real job once you graduate. Thanks. As if combing through craigslist isn’t sad enough already.

Prolonging your grad date might not work either, if that’s what you’re thinking. Seniors, you’re screwed. Juniors, you’re probably screwed too. We hope you plan on getting a Ph.D. in something useful.

Meanwhile, we’re in a nursing shortage. Hint hint.

Or, if you want to denounce your materialistic lifestyle and you’re into that whole hippie thing, there’s always wwoofing.

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Congrats, graduate – good luck finding a job [SF Chron Three Days of the Condor film ]

Engineers may be awkward turtles, but at least they have viable career options outside of school … like Facebook!

Facebook will come to the Berkeley campus to serve the company’s kool-aid, er, recruit interns and full-time workers. Possible positions include those in:

* Engineering
* Product Management
* Platform
* User Operations

These new minions must be

people that are passionate about Facebook, that aren’t afraid of complicated questions, and that like to just dig in and figure it out as they go. We value working hard, smart, and fast, and following that up with some good fun.

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