Y’know, there are just some days when you pick up the paper, scan the front page and say to yourself, “Damn, it feels good to be an ordinary citizen, generally unworthy of quotation.” Because then you could be stuck forever with a gem like this credited to your name:

“Through these and subsequent meetings (I) will develop a plan for how I might be useful,” he [Boalt Hall Dean Christopher Edley] said in a statement. “It depends on what people believe they need in light of what’s already been agreed, and we’ll take it from there.” read more »

We know we’ve been sort of neglecting our duties in giving you up-to-the minute minute details about the still ongoing recall election business in favor of covering the, erm, perhaps more pressing elections at hand. As in, the ones that haven’t happened yet. As in, the ones for which we don’t ALREADY KNOW THE OUTCOMES. Ahem.

But yeah, like we said, haven’t been covering the last trickles of the recall shitstorm in any great detail, so here’s a quick update:  read more »

Brian Regan: I Walked on the Moon trailer

Now that ASUC Senator John Moghtader has been recalled, he’s ready to get even. He still retains his seat, and Judicial Council proceedings wait on his release of the Eshleman fight video. But pal Yoni Weinberg decided to share another kind of video with the Clog.

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Mo' Mog?

Is it just us, or is this whole recall election biz starting to sound like Watergate? Now that Moghtader has released his smoking gun to the Daily Cal (and a little late, we may add), the results of the recall may actually be more complicated than the recall itself. We didn’t even know that was possible.

Moghtader’s reasons for not releasing the tape earlier include: read more »


There once was a senator named John,
But he wasn’t in office for long.
The recall went through
$20,000, it’s true
“Yes” votes: 72 percent strong.

Image Source: mag3737 under Creative Commons, modified by Lara Brucker, Daily Cal
ASUC Senator John Moghtader Recalled [Daily Cal]
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OK, kids. Today and tomorrow are the big days! That’s right. After tomorrow, you’ll never have to hear another word or think another thought about the ASUC and the clusterf*cks it calls elections. Except for when the results of the recall come out. Or when the actual ASUC elections roll around. And when the results of those elections come out. But don’t you worry your pretty little heads about those just yet.

The Clog’s here to help you keep focused on the matter at hand, which has–like all things really worth fighting for–sparked a heated Facebook bitchfest. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, for your consideration, we present the defense … read more »


Believe it or not, that whole recall election thing is still happening, and apparently, it’s all going perfectly according to plan. (Cue menacing crescendo of Vincent Price laughter.) The ASUC is currently assembling legions of poll workers, running off voter’s guides (not kidding) and creating a technologically advanced system that will allow people to vote from the interwebz.

In short, preparations are getting intense for next week’s big showdown and there’s no way John Moghtader can wangle his way out of it–not if the four members of the nine-member Judicial Council have anything to say about it. (Surprisingly, they do.)

But wait! There’s more … read more »

3090995988_c02cc801eeWhile the rest of you were sleeping for 11 hours a day with visions of sugarplums dancing or something, and gaining the “Holiday 15″ with all that filler gift candy and food you just kept stuffing into your mouth to avoid talking to your relatives, the ASUC Judicial Council was busy deciding on recall procedures and the Daily Cal was busy reporting on it … and we were busy plotting our witty quips to use in writing about it. Bah humbug.

Although ASUC was toying with the idea of online voting to reduce the costs of its January recall election of John Moghtader, the Judicial Council decided to deliver a little lump of coal, issuing a ruling on Christmas Eve mandating that the election must follow the same procedures as regular elections. Looks like the ASUC’s gonna have to shell out the usual $48,000 for this election. Economic crisis anyone?

But alas, there might be a little gift from Santa after all. The Alameda County District Attorney announced that there will be no charges filed against those involved in the infamous Nov. 13 Eshleman Hall scuffle. We’d say that’s a better gift than that scented candle you probably got from your mom.

Image Source: seamusiv under Creative Commons
No Charges to Be Filed Following Fight in Eshleman [Daily Cal]

ASUC candidates have infiltrated Upper Sproul Plaza, and now the real go-getters are posting their videos on YouTube.

SQULECH! seems to have a good grasp of the power of video: no special effects (or even moving cameras), just pure comedy and a dash of politics rhetoric. Above, Senate candidate John Moghtader promises you won’t have to wait “schlong” for change.

P.S. Speaking of schlongs, did SQUELCH! do the requisite vibrator races yet? They smoked out Sproul, but it’s not campaign season until you see cheap buzzing sex toys slide down a homemade ramp.

John Moghtader SQUELCH! Campaign Video [YouTube]