Meh.This is a little old, but with the Giants-Phillies series tied at 1-1, it might be, uh, even more relevant (?!) now: Our good ol’ buddy John Yoo thinks that Phillies baseball is more worthy of the label “torture” than Giants baseball. (Former Daily Cal-er) Joe Eskenazi disagrees. [SF Weekly]


Cal football needs to put up some better stats. Stat! Groan. [Extra Points]

A trio of muggings at gunpoint, a trio of things to make you nervous walking home at night. What else is new? [CBS5], via SFist

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2834425379_5d684b9783October’s looking to be a good month for civil dissent. Must be that autumn-y angst in the air, ’cause if you don’t quite get your fix on Thursday, there’s always the entirety of next week to stick it to the man.

Not the budget-cut-man, though. Oct. 10 – 16 instead marks “Berkeley Says No to Torture,” replete with film screenings, organized protests, and even “The Giant John Yoo Debate.” Its sponsors range from our local chapter of the ACLU to Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists Social Justice Committee to Revolution Books — the latter of which we find totally unsurprising.

The bookstore will actually be hosting the first event of the week — Monday’s reading and discussion of books by Andy Worthington and Justine Sharrock. A lot of stuff is going down on the UC campus as well. Oh, and weird fact: if you’re a student, you get in free; if not, you may be asked for a $10 donation. There’s also something about a guest pass on the site, but the explanation is confusing.

Either way, sounds like a good time, right?

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“No Torture” Week Brings Top Experts to Berkeley to Denounce Torture [Examiner]
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We’ll be the first to tell Yoo how much we love craziness. Because there’s nothing like crazy to bring out more crazy. Like this crazy video about crazy toilet paper with text from the crazy United Nations Convention Against Torture printed on it, which artist Matt Cornell crazily planted in Boalt Hall bathrooms yesterday in loo of non-crazy toilet paper. Get it, because that’s what crazy John Yoo metaphorically did with the aforementioned convention? Wiped his ass with it! That, there, is some deep shit.

Did we mention this video was produced by journalism student Josh Wolf who’s in the middle of a crazy controversy right now? This is CRAZY STUFF, you guys.

Yoo Toilet Paper [website], via SFist

yoo maskAdd trash-talking our city to the reasons Berkeley residents don’t like Boalt Hall School of Law professor John Yoo. In fact, it’s possible the man whose background includes drafting the Bush-era “torture memos” has managed to do something even more scandalous. And this time it’s personal.

In a recent interview with the LA Times, he calls Berkeley “a natural history museum of the 1960s.” He adds: “It’s like looking at the panoramic displays of troglodytes sitting around the campfire with their clubs. Here, it’s read more »

Ah, yes: There’s nothing Yoo can do that can’t be done. It’s more or less (OK, not entirely) along the lines of the message the Obama Justice Department sent vis-a-vis the report it released earlier today. Rather than having committed “professional misconduct,” John Yoo was instead deemed guilty of what the Department’s Office of Professional Responsibility is calling “poor judgment.”

Fair enough, DOJ. What such terminology translates to is Yoo is a freeeeeeee man read more »

Well, maybe. A forthcoming Department of Justice Report will find that Yoo-Know-Hoo did NOT, in fact, violate his “professional obligations” as a deputy assistant attorney general in the Bush administration. Apparently, the department that arbitrates that fickle b*tch, Justice, opted to “soften” an earlier version of the report, which had said that, yes, in justifying alleged torture Yoo screwed up not only in general, but also in his capacity as a professional. read more »

Newsies!Organize protests as fast as you can. Yoo can’t catch Yoo. He’s the gingerbread man.  [The Bay Area]

OK, we take that back. This Berkeley mom could probably catch him. Too bad she’s busy being a badass on behalf of her daughter. [SJ Mercury News]

El Presidente presented over 100 young scientists with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers today at the White House. Being the narcissists interested and spirited students that we are, we counted one win for UC Berkeley and two for Lawrence  Berkeley National Laboratory. [Press Release]

Aaand, Prop 8 trial updates out the wazoo. (Obviously.) [SF Appeal, NYT, Chron]

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Everyone’s favorite UC Berkeley law professor and former Bush administration lawyer will be appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night.

Stewart interviewed Steven Chu, another campus professor turned White House higher-up, a few months back, but we’re guessing this interview will probably go a bit differently.

It is unclear to us whether Stewart shares the grievances of many protesters against Yoo or if he plans to pepper the interview with light-hearted waterboarding jokes. Or both. In any case, we’ll be watching.

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Official Website [Site]

2497825519_77e3310b46John Yoo is not welcome in Berkeley anymore, as you may have noticed from the countless signs, protests, demonstrations, and just plain yelling that erupted around the city this past year.

And in a recent interview with the New York Times Magazine, the former Berkeley law professor (and author of the “torture memos”) sought to convince all Berkeleyans that the feeling is mutual.

Here are just a few choice highlights from the interview:

About Berkeley: “There are probably more Communists in Berkeley than any other town in America, but I think of them more as lovers of Birkenstocks than Marx.”

About the Constitution: “The idea is that the president’s power grows and changes based on read more »


We might as well have included a Yoo pun. Berkeley has apparently decided to go where no self-respecting American city has gone before: the United Nations. Yes, our city council decided it was high time we started complying with international human rights treaties and scrounged up some interns to draft a report on the quick. Oh, don’t act so surprised—hey, if you squint real hard, you can almost see secession! And wouldn’t that be rad …

Embarrassingly, there’s a chance Berkeley may not be in compliance with some treaties regarding civil liberties, racial discrimination, and torture—you know, what with our homelessness, school achievement (K-12, we take it …) and recurring man-of-the-hour, John Yoo. We eagerly anticipate the results.

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Berkeley first city to report to UN (CHRON)

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