Baseball fever is at an all-time high in Berkeley these days, what with a certain San Francisco team named after mythical creatures (Giants, in case you missed it) doing prettay-prettay good in the World Series. But here’s some more baseball news we bet you didn’t know: UC Berkeley lecturer Sandy Alderson has just been named general manager of the New York Mets.

Alderson, who teaches classes on popular sports business at Haas, has been a manager before — he managed the Padres and the A’s, and the guy worked for the MLB itself. His resume isn’t lacking.

We’ll leave the sports talk to people who … well, know about sports. We don’t. The only reason we know anything about the Mets and their two-season losing streak is that it has upset Jon Stewart. And you know how that affects the Berkeley bleeding-hearts. To put it simply, we don’t care for it.

At any rate, Alderson is sure to shake things up for the Mets (if that’s a sports-appropriate saying) and we look forward to hearing how it goes. Anything to put a smile on Jon’s face.

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Haas Lecturer Sandy Alderson to Lead New York Mets [Haas School Newsroom]

Everyone’s favorite UC Berkeley law professor and former Bush administration lawyer will be appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tomorrow night.

Stewart interviewed Steven Chu, another campus professor turned White House higher-up, a few months back, but we’re guessing this interview will probably go a bit differently.

It is unclear to us whether Stewart shares the grievances of many protesters against Yoo or if he plans to pepper the interview with light-hearted waterboarding jokes. Or both. In any case, we’ll be watching.

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Heads up Chu fans! Your favorite Energy Secretary appeared last week on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The lovable former Lawrence Berkeley National Lab director presented Stewart with a gift, called him a nerd and remained coy about any superpowers of which he may or may not be possessed.

In addition, Chu (or his intern’s intern’s intern … whatever) has posted pictures of some cool new minature models to his Flickr, we’re assuming they have something to do with energy efficiency or something.

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Steven Chu [The Daily Show]
Department of Energy’s Photostream [Flickr]

stanne2000pinkpeep.jpgScore one for Berkeley–well, kind of. Earlier this evening, everyone’s favorite “fake” news show (unless, of course, you prefer “The Colbert Report”) featured a segment in which “correspondent” (and ex-Marine) Rob Riggle visited our fair city and skewered Code Pink.

We thought it was pretty funny. But, come on, we’re college students. Jon Stewart is for us what Stephen Colbert is for college students–without him, we wouldn’t have any idea what’s going on. Naturally, we’re a bit biased. We want to keep our coverage fair and balanced, so we’ve compiled a short, completely objective pros and cons list.

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