While you’re studying for finals, you might feel like taking a break and listening to the radio. If you do, you might want to tune in to KPFA in Berkeley from 6 – 7 a.m. on weekdays for their new Al Jazeera English program.

The Pacifica Foundation owns that radio station, along with many others around the country. According to Berkeleyside, the show started broadcasting here and in New York and Houston today, but will continue to expand to LA and DC in January.

So as usual, we Berkeley-ans are among the first to adopt this new trend. Do we feel smug about it? Yes. Should we? Probably. At the very least, if you’re up from 6 to 7 in the morning and you’re hungry for news, you now have another source for it. And hey, kudos for getting up so early!

Image source: Joi under Creative Commons
Al Jazeera comes to Berkeley airwaves [Berkeleyside]

2598816622_048093aecbHere’s a scary factoid: newspapers in the Bay Area have reduced their newsrooms by nearly 50 percent in the last several years. As people currently working in the field of journalism, statistics kinda lead us to question our career goals.

Not that the crash and burn of the newspaper industry is anything new. But with newspapers disappearing daily and journalists steadily losing their jobs, one has to wonder if a news-less world is on the horizon. In a recent trend, nonprofit news organizations have started to “sell their stories to multiple partners–newspapers, radio and television stations, blogs and hyper local news sites–” which had previously been “phobic about printing any article that was not produced by their own staff writers.” read more »

j wolfJosh Wolf has had a rough journalistic career to say the least. In 2006 he set the record for being jailed in federal prison longer than any other journalist in U.S. history for protecting source materials (he refused to turn over his video footage of a “protester being choked by a police officer and other officers threatening passers-by with stun guns”). There was also question of whether he was a journalist or just an “activist with a camera.” read more »

229755030_ad34424785-1So, as you may or may not know, we here at the Clog are actually part of the Daily Cal: consider us the bratty back-talking teenage child of our older, wiser, drier parental.  As much as we’d like to pretend we know it all (and we’re not refuting this), we still need a news source to actually build all of our snarky brilliance upon. That’s right, even the indie tee-wearing teen with copious amounts of piercings who listens to underground techno on over-sized headphones eventually goes back to his parents to ask for money.

So basically that ubiquitous “Journalism is a failing industry” line that we’ve been hearing around kind of concerns us. Not enough to actually stop us from making fun of the industry or those who suffer because of it, of course, but hey, showing a gesture of concern is about as best as you’re going to get from us here at the Clog. And it seems that every publication has been affected, including our less attractive counterpart, the Berkeley Daily Planet. read more »

love us

Earlier this semester, the Daily Cal announced that it would cut back production due to budget restraints and, you know, the whole print-media-is-dying thing. This week, Syracuse University’s Daily Orange follows suit.

The Daily Orange is eliminating its print edition on its weakest day, Friday, and publishing content online instead, much like the Daily Cal’s Wednesday plan. The Syracuse paper, also independent of its university since 1971, has lost money because of legal trouble and not enough advertising revenue.

We hope the other daily can regroup, and we wish them the best of luck. It’s a hard-knock life out there–we should know.

Image Source: juicyrai under Creative Commons
Daily Orange ceases Friday print edition, moves to Web [Daily Orange]
via Paper Trail
Daily Cal Budget Woes Force Production Cuts [Daily Cal]