Looks like ASUC Attorney General Kevin Gibson finally found it in himself to bring much bureaucracy and paperwork down upon Noah Stern. The AG submitted three different charge sheets to the Judicial Council which include allegations of campaigning in the dorms, voter fraud and (horror of horrors!) spamming students during election season.

The J-Council will decide tonight whether to accept the charges—and if they are accepted, odds are they will reconvene later to decide what will happen to Noah.

UPDATE: The Judicial Council has accepted all three of the sheets. Thanks, GoBears!

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Election Violation Charges Filed Against ASUC President-Elect Noah Stern [Daily Cal]

o-rlyOH SNAP! The ASUC Judicial Council ruled that the recall election of Senator John Moghtader will be delayed due to general last minute-ness. Good save, good save.

Yesterday we were almost gleeful about egg-face ASUC. Now we’re intrigued. Oh, do go on, ASUC.

Per bylaws, the election must be held within four semester weeks. There better be some magic happening, but we’re still hopeful for snafu madness. Will he stay or will he go? More importantly, will both sides treat this like usual crazed election times complete with large signs, flyers galore and people who “walk” (read: follow) you to class?

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Recall Election Delayed by Last-Minute Ruling [Daily Cal]
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justiceThe ASUC is officially made of FAIL now that the Judicial Council rules the recall election for Senator John Moghtader may forge ahead. Somewhere, someone is playing a giant practical joke on our student government.

The election is supposed to take place Jan. 26 and 27, but seeing as that is just a weekend away, we would not be surprised to witness another egg in the face.

While the Daily Cal wags its finger at the petition organizers, we would like to welcome all freshman admits to the glorious state of petty Berkeley politics.

For more information on the hearing, the Cal Patriot blog had a good post on the issue at hand.

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Judicial Council Allows Recall to Move Forward [Daily Cal]
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The Elections Council ran the tabulation for the ASUC elections yesterday at 6:30 p.m. and released the preliminary results.

According to the initial tabulation, the winners are:
* President: Van Nguyen of CalSERVE
* Executive Vice President: Taylor Allbright of CalSERVE
* External Affairs Vice President: Danny Montes of CalSERVE
* Academic Affairs Vice President: Curtis Lee of Student Action
* Student Advocate: Ajay Krishnamurthy, independent

For the senate, Student Action won 10 seats, CalSERVE won six, SQUELCH! won one and Berkeley College Republicans won one. Two independents also won seats, with Nadir Shams receiving the most votes. Winne Kuo of APPLE Engineering and Danielle Duong of CalSERVE were also a part of the top three for senate.

Of the referenda and amendments, only the Green Initiative Fund and Line of Succession passed.

The results are not final, however. The Judicial Council will verify the tabulation and hear censure cases before finalizing the results.

The CalSERVE candidates and Krishnamurthy, unless tabulation went horribly wrong, have secured their spots. Curtis Lee, on the other hand, is currently facing eight potential censures. If he receives at least five, he will be disqualified. The candidate who earned the second-most votes would then take his place (if, of course, there’s no appeal).

Shams is also facing a massive amount of potential censures–up to 20. Again, if he receives at least five he too will be disqualified.

CalServe Shake-Up [Daily Cal]

Now that Sproul is once again free from pushy campaigners, it’s time for politics to really begin. While tabulation of last week’s votes takes place tonight, the Judicial Council prepares for some hell-filled weeks. It’s censure time! Woo! (Oh, if only it were as exciting as it sounds.)

Actually, last year it was. The Judicial Council disqualified the Student Action slate in 2006, and in quite the hullabaloo, the slate was reinstated. This year, Student Action once again faces enough censures to potentially disqualify the executive slate.

Perhaps Suken Vakil will make a guest appearance. Oh God, that would be sweet.

Let’s take a look at all the censures, a list courtesy of Beetle.

Remember, a total of five or more censures will disqualify a candidate from the election.

The Judicial Council will hear cases against the following:

* Student Life Fee Referendum – 1 censure for flier placement
* DAAP Slate – 3 censures each for dorm campaigning, 1 censure each for flier placement
* Chad Kunert – 1 censure for truncated disclaimer
* Jessica Parra-Fitch and Gabriela Urena – 1 censure each for no disclaimer
* Daniel Galeon, Danielle Duong, Maurice Seaty and Roxanne Winston – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
* Shawn Jain – 3 censures for flier placement
* Nadir Shams – up to 20 censures for claiming group endorsements, 1 censure for flier placement
* Chris Wong – 1 censure for covered flier
* Chris Wong and Lisa Patel – 1 censure each for truncated disclaimer
* Student Action Executive Slate – 2 censures each for campaigning within 100 feet of a polling location
* SA Executive Slate, Alex Mastrodonato, Winnie Kuo and Wayne Feng – 3 censures each for Material Science and Engineering Association endorsement
* SA Executive Slate, Christian Osmena and Grace Shen – 1 censure each for flier placement (times two for two counts)
* SA Executive Slate and Loretta Kwong – 1 censure each for a flier within 100 feet of a polling location
* Dwight Asuncion, Wayne Feng and Winnie Kuo – 1 censure each for flier placement

As the Daily Cal notes, this means up to eight censures against the SA slate, plus one extra for Asuncion because he’s extra special. Also,

Seven of the suits were filed against candidates who allegedly posted campaign materials outside of permissible public spaces in university buildings, which is prohibited in the bylaws…

Facebook postings were also a common feature in the charges against the candidates. Six suits were filed against candidates who allegedly claimed endorsements without bearing the disclaimer, “Titles for Identification Purposes Only,” which is required by the bylaws.

According to the charges, some candidates violated the rule by only posting an abbreviated version of the disclaimer, while other candidates did not have a disclaimer at all.

Judicial hearings start tomorrow night. Let the legal frenzy begin!

Stay tuned for the tabulation–we’ll be updating shortly.

The ASUC elections are up and running, but all that work wasn’t easy. Nobody said politics was easy. (Just ask today’s selfless drum-banging, free ice-cream giving and water balloon throwing campaigners. It’s a dirty world out there, and somebody’s gotta race the vibrators.)

We haven’t seen any real scandals yet–no perjury or illegal chalking–but there were a few disturbances in the ASUC election machine.

On Wednesday, the Daily Cal reported on two issues brought to the Judicial Council the previous night.

Guillermo Murga, an independent senatorial candidate, filed against Jessica Wren, the Elections Council Chair. He alleged that he was treated unfairly because he missed a candidates’ meeting. He requested a delay of the elections to right some wrongs.

It was a no-go. The Daily Cal reports that Wren said

Murga could not prove that missing the meeting, not having an updated copy of the candidates’ guide and not being listed in the voters’ guide was a disadvantage to Murga’s campaign.

Oh! She’s feisty.

The Daily Cal also covered the hearing on the Student Life Fee referendum. (That’s the $12 one, FYI.) Vishal Gupta said the order of the referenda violated equal protection. He, too, wanted to postpone the elections.

The story states

While the order of the referenda on the ballot is chosen randomly, Gupta said that because the randomization placed the referenda in order from smallest to largest proposed fee hike, there was even more of a need to have the ballot re-ordered.

Apparently, for Gupta, it was random, but not random enough. The Judicial Council told him to cry a river, build a bridge and get over it.

Today, the Daily Cal covered yet another election-related oh-no-they-didn’t. Andy Kelley, a part of the ASUC Office of External Affairs, sent an email promoting CalSERVE to his friends…including the whole of Bowles Halls. Typically, campaign material is not permitted in the campus residence halls.

Wren gave him a slap on the wrist and that was all. The Judicial Council did not take action against him, but it could have held the mentioned CalSERVE candidates responsible.

We think she’s losing her zest, but perhaps she is resting up her mighty powers of justice for the inevitable election scandals to surface after everything’s said and done.

Voting continues tomorrow and ends at the stroke of midnight. Cast your vote, and let’s hope something really wet and juicy hits the fan.