Whether you’re good at it or “good” at it (exceedingly terrible yet incredibly entertaining), open karaoke is always a lively and fun way to spend an evening with friends. And now you can enjoy it six nights of the week! For all of you karaoke buffs out there, here is your gold mine.


Who: YOU (maybe …)


Where: Nick’s Lounge, 3218 Adeline St., Berkeley (near the Ashby BART station) read more »

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At some point you’ve surely asked yourself: “Why is the Clog so freaking cool?” We know — our snarky, laid-back, couldn’t-care-less ‘tude is an enviable state; but it’s easier to achieve than you might think. The answer? Alcohol, dearest friends. Or rather, super chill locations at which to imbibe. And we’re not talking about the played-out places in the immediate campus vicinity. It’s time for you to think outside the UC Berkeley bubble …

The Starry Plough
Located on Shattuck Avenue just a couple blocks south of Ashby Avenue, the Starry Plough is easily one of the pubbiest Irish pubs that ever pubbed, and read more »

Two karaoke places are opening up right on top of each other. Has karaoke become the new Starbucks? In Berkeley, that’s a yes.

We bet the respective owners of Touch Karaoke and Sushi Minami must’ve flipped a bitch when they found out their luck, but at least the manager for Sushi Minami, Keith Kanehara, feels his karaoke-plus-food idea had a slight edge. And he makes a good point too:

“As soon as we sell alcohol, we’ll open the place … People won’t sing without beer.”

We’d have to agree. After all, the direct translation of karaoke is “drunken singing.” Right?

Image Source: Chanel Leaf, Daily Cal
Two Karaoke Venues Set to Open on Durant Avenue [Daily Cal]
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Have you been to Southside lately? An empty building on Durant Avenue–previously known as La Val’s, Tower Records, Noura Cafe and “that empty building next to House of Curries,”– is about to formulate yet another new identity.

It’s about time. According to a March Daily Cal article, the space was vacant for the past two years. Now, it’s suddenly gone and painted itself yellow and red to house what sounds like another Asian Ghetto–one that includes a new sushi joint by the name of Sushi Minami.

And what’s that–does that sign say “TOUCH Karaoke?” That’s right–it looks like a newer, closer place for you to belt out your Mariah Carey-isms is set to open soon on a Durant Avenue near you.

Image Source: Patrici Flores
Japanese Restaurant to Open At Former Noura Cafe Location [Daily Cal]