Looks like ASUC Attorney General Kevin Gibson finally found it in himself to bring much bureaucracy and paperwork down upon Noah Stern. The AG submitted three different charge sheets to the Judicial Council which include allegations of campaigning in the dorms, voter fraud and (horror of horrors!) spamming students during election season.

The J-Council will decide tonight whether to accept the charges—and if they are accepted, odds are they will reconvene later to decide what will happen to Noah.

UPDATE: The Judicial Council has accepted all three of the sheets. Thanks, GoBears!

Image Source: Brymo under Creative Commons
Election Violation Charges Filed Against ASUC President-Elect Noah Stern [Daily Cal]

Well this is comforting. It’s so nice to hear that whatever challenges the world throws this university’s way, the ASUC will still manage to render many of the things they do invalid by “forgetting” to appoint people on time and otherwise quibbling about stuff no one cares about. It’s almost as if literally nothing has changed over the past year. How delightful. read more »