In an interview, Christine Carter expresses the importance of teaching gratitude to children. Carter, a sociologist, happiness expert and director of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Parents program says that this gratitude can make for a happier family.

She draws the differentiation between gratitude and entitlement in kids, stating that often children feel like they are entitled to what they have rather than gracious. Entitlement, according to Carter, leads to feelings of disappointment and frustration while gratitude results in happiness and satisfaction.

When asked about the best ways to teach kids appreciation, Carter emphasizes a straightforward approach, “Simply counting your blessings in a routine way works wonders. In my family, we talk about what we are grateful for at dinnertime. Again at bedtime, my kids tell me about their “three good things” that happened during the day.”

And what better time to start practicing gratitude than Thanksgiving season?

Image source: Mikey G Ottawa under Creative Commons
Teaching kids gratitude instead of entitlement [UC Berkeley News]

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