Never fear! I'll save you!

In case you missed it, a few weeks back some mischievous crafters decided to knit a cover for the letter “T” on a sculpture near the Berkeley-Oakland border that reads “Here There.”

Apparently, some offence was taken to the fact the artwork designates Berkeley as “Here” and Oakland as “There,” and a quote by Gertrude Stein about Oakland, in which she said “There is no there there.” They felt this relegated Oakland to an inferior status.

So, in a shocking act of civil disobedience, read more »

knittingAre you tight on funds for the holiday season? Perhaps you should consider making your family and friends scarves, knitted creatures or socks during this difficult economic time.

Or perhaps you just enjoy knitting and are hoping to pick up a few tips.

Luckily, it seems a band of knitters congregates on campus each Tuesday to keep you company in these pursuits. They meet outside VLSB during the noon hour every week.

Image Source: Stefan Tell under Creative Commons
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