We love tiny Berkeley eateries for their grab bag of tasty odds and ends–specifically croissants. As a mini summer getaway, Cloggers traveled far and wide in search for flaky, buttery perfection.

First off, a little background information. A croissant is a delicious French pastry; its national origin is apparent from the way that its proper pronunciation sounds nothing like it’s spelled. Its main ingredient, we think, is butter, and contains something like 300 to 400 calories. Dieters beware.

La Farine Berkeley, located at College and Alcatraz avenues.
Price: $1.85

The first thing that we noticed was La Farine’s speedy service. The croissant was good, as far as layers and layers of buttery tissue pastry go. read more »

La Farine will restore your faith in bakeries. Forget the bagged croissants you’ll see at supermarkets. Starbucks serves nothing close to madeleines. Hello morning buns and savory focaccia! A trip to La Farine is more arousing than your normal cup o’ joe.

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