InBerkeley, a short-lived hyperlocal blogging experiment that started this summer, has now officially come to an end. The site saw 429 posts during its several-month run, but announced on Tuesday that it would be shutting down.

One of the founders, Dave Winer, goes on to explain in an interview that his experiment didn’t work out quite as well as he’d hoped, and his personal interests have moved on. But fear not— read more »

Villa Rides film


Just kidding, dudes. We were actually pretty stoked to hear about In Berkeley

, a brand spankin’ blog that covers “news, events and issues in our city,” with what appears to be a bit more, er, what’s the word we’re looking for here … seriousness (Depth? Intelligence? Life experience?) than your loyal Clog–not to mention a smidge

Bringing Down the House dvd

less sarcasm.

Bloggers Dave Winer and Lance Knobel have only been posting since the beginning of June, but they’ve already done some pretty comprehensive blogging of everything Berkeley … except read more »