facebookBefore you go showing all your Facebook friends the creatively revealing outfit that you’ll be wearing this weekend (ie. the St. Louis Cardinals bra and panty set that you just so happen to have so you decided to call it a costume, or the neon green Borat “mankini” that you thought would be funny but was really just disturbing), you might want to read this first. Especially if you’re applying to law school.

According to a national survey by Kaplan Test Prep, law schools aren’t shy about doing online background checks on their applicants. Of the surveyed law schools (which included 128 American Bar Association-accredited schools), 41 percent of their admissions officers Google-searched their applicants online and 37 percent searched social networking profiles like Facebook.

Now ask yourself this: Do you have anything on your Facebook that might be perceived as controversial? Here are a few things that might be deal breakers for some admissions officers. read more »

Looks like it’s not all Yoo-hunting and equivocating for our Boalt Hall brethren:

This is from a few days ago, but damn if it isn’t one of the most “aw”-inducing displays of communal affection to spring forth from this campus. And that’s including co-op parties and hippie orgies. Almost makes us want to go to law school … (Heh. Good one, Clog.)

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Ah, all the compelling reasons to go to law school and then spend your life in the aftermath continue to mount. Get this: Boalt will forgive your student loans if you go into public interest or government (read: low-paying) work and, starting January, eligibility for this Loan Repayment Assistance Program will be expanded. Hey, maybe this is why we ranked #1 based on contribution to public good (though if “government lawyers” and “public good” don’t ring in sync to you, we understand). read more »