Running from now through September, the Lawrence Hall of Science will be featuring a science-meets-skateboarding exhibit titled Tony Hawk Rad Science (really now, who actually uses the word “rad”?). The Clog took a trip up the hill to roam the landscape, stand on a few skateboards and meet the man behind the legend, Tony Hawk himself. read more »


We’ve mentioned before how science fascinated many during their childhood. Who wasn’t awed by the adventures of Ms. Frizzle? Thankfully, Cal is not only a place for us (now) bitter and jaded college students; the Lawrence Hall of Science offers various exhibitions to further cultivate children’s delight in the sciences. Although we at The Daily Clog are a good 10 years over the intended demographic group, we decided to take a trip up to the LHS planetarium. And why not? We were probably going to spend that that time re-watching episodes of  “30 Rock” over and over again, anyway. read more »


The 90s were a beautiful time in history. Besides the abundance of woolen sweaters and teenage angst, the era managed to make science cool for children and encourage them into a world of grueling competition and pain, oh the pain to pursue a fulfilling lifetime education in the sciences. Perhaps that’s an exaggerated, nostalgic view on our part. In any case, it seems that today’s Californian youth are not quite as happy — they are lagging behind in terms of science education. read more »

circusIf you have frequent daydreams of running away and joining the circus, you may be able to live the dream (or at least the diet version) at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Next Wednesday, Aug. 17 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m., there will be a performance by youth members of Trapeze Arts. Fun Fact: Trapeze Arts is one of the only full-time circus schools in the country.

You’ll be able to show everyone that you could totally join the circus if you wanted to — you’re just happy where you’re at right now by walking on sticks or even a tightrope (don’t get too excited, it’s low).

In case this isn’t enticing enough, tickets are free with admission to the Hall. And who knows, you may find your true calling in life.

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UC Berkeley Events [site]

iceSummer should be a time of ceaseless laziness and unabashed gluttony. Yet too often school, work and all that other unwanted stuff seems to intrude. Give yourself a well-deserved break Wednesday, July 13, from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

While the location doesn’t seem to inspire the carefree gaiety of summer, the Hall’s “Summer Fun Day” event does seem like it will deliver what it promises. Summer Fun Day is Ice Cream Day, where attendees will have the opportunity to make their own ice cream and compare it to free samples from Double Rainbow (yeah, Double Rainbow).

You can also satisfy your inner-nerd and learn about the science behind the process of freezing cream. Tickets are free with admission to the Hall, plus you can score free sprinkles if you bring your own cup and spoon.

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dinoYour childhood (or adult) dream of living among the dinosaurs may finally be realized (sort of). From May 28 all the way to Jan. 1, UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science is host to “Dinosaurs Unearthed,” an exhibit filled with moving, roaring, virtually living dinosaurs.

The exhibit has been updated to feature more recent findings: like giant and terrifying haute couture models, they sport both feathers and fur. The dinosaurs also have sensor-activated sounds which aim to accurately reflect what each dino would have sounded like. Some sound like cats, some like birds, and some like the typical dino straight out of “Jurassic Park.”

The exhibition also features a fossil-dig site and real fossils and for the kids, a dinosaur dig site and and a nest which you can actually climb in (which we — as rational, mature adults — would of course never do).

Image Source: InfoMofo under Creative Commons
Dinosaurs return to Berkeley, this time with new roars [Berkeleyside]
Dinosaurs Unearthed [Lawrence Hall of Science]

It's probably cooler than this.You know that trite-and-true expression about fearing the unknown or whatever? Well, it doesn’t usually apply to roller coasters, since most people who are scared of them can pretty well pinpoint the fact that humans aren’t really designed to, like, fall out of the sky and stuff as being the reason why.

But if you’re still determined to LEARN MORE about “the physics of roller coasters and the physiology and psychology of thrill-seeking,” the Lawrence Hall of Science, as usual, has all the answers at Scream Machines, an interactive exhibition “for thrill seekers of all ages”! Sure, it’s on ’til January, but don’t roller coaster simulations and awesome views of the bay just scream summer? Yes, yes they literally do. (ArewerightLOL?!)

Anyway, student tickets are $9 and come with admission to the museum, which is a sight less than you’d pay to get into Disneyland or one of  its emotionally stunted bastard stepchild amusement parks like Six Flags. And you (probably) won’t have to deal with absurd lines or ugly tourists. Yay!

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Scream Machines [Lawrence Hall of Science]
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Not many people think of museums when they think of Berkeley, and yet there’s such a wide variety both on and near campus that it’d be a shame not to at least consider going to every one you can. In that case, let us present to you a few of our favorite Berkeley museums.

Essig Museum of Entomology—3003 VLSB
Open to the public only twice a year—Darwin Day and Cal Day—this museum may be more research-oriented (OK, a lot more research-oriented) but it still has a surprising amount in it despite the space that makes it difficult for tours. If you’ve ever wanted to see butterflies as big as your face or giant scorpions preserved in jars of fluid, this is your stop. Free to the public. read more »

lawrence hall of scienceAt the Lawrence Hall of Science, it’s an exhibit completely unrelated to particle acceleration called “Race: Are We So Different?” Sounds fun. Interactive things to put it all in perspective —matching voices with races, scanning your skin to see how its color really compares. The relationship to science seems marginal, but what is science, really? Where particle accelerators aren’t involved, it all gets hazy.

In any case, it just opened and will stick around through May 2. Geek out this Wednesday for a tour of the exhibit and a talk with Ethnic Studies lecturer Victoria Robinson and the authors of a book called “Blended Nation.”

Image Source: C G-K under Creative Commons.
Lawrence Hall of Science [site]

An exhibit kicking off this Saturday at the Lawrence Hall of Science will endeavor to demystify, deguiltify, decolor and debunk everything you ever thought you knew about RACE.

Several hands-on features of the exhibit cater specifically to us tactile learners: a scanning microscope which will match your very own skin tone with exotic “others,” a touch-screen take on the old school game of concentration involving vocal stereotypes, and an animated map tracing our roots from Africa.

Perhaps this exhibit, put together by the American Anthropological Association, will finally bring all you lingering polygenists up to speed. Yeah, we’re talking to you, you beard-sporting, sweater-vest-wearing, pipe-smoking, fine upholstery-sitting racist.

The exhibit will run until May 2.

Image Source: Colin Purrington under Creative Commons
RACE: Are We So Different? [Lawrence Hall of Science]

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