Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

Although UC Berkeley no longer ranks as a politically radical institution, our super nerds are totally leading the Green Revolution. The Batteries for Advanced Transportation Technologies team at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab is leading research aimed towards making more efficient and affordable car batteries. [San Jose Mercury News]

Speaking of nerds and Berkeley, the United Artists Berkeley 7 theater is already expecting at least 600 people for the first showings of the final Harry Potter movie. Better get your tickets now, or just see it later like a normal human being. [Berkeley Patch]

Everyone already knows about state budget cuts and how much they suck, but on the plus side, a Daily Cal editorial about the cuts was cited in the New York Times. [New York Times]

Speaking of opinion pieces and the Daily Cal, if you would like to write for the Daily Cal (and, um, the New York Times?) submit something to the new Letters to the Editor section. [Daily Cal]

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Laser POWAH!What happens when you shoot off 192 of the world’s biggest, hottest … laser beams at one hydrogen fuel-packed, pea-sized target? A massive explosion

of energy that would make even stars glow with envy and shake large planets to their cores (literally). That’s what.

And that’s what’s going on in the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore Lab. The facility–which was officially dedicated on Friday at a ceremony attended by the likes of the Governator himself–houses the world’s largest laser. Scientists hope to mimic the nuclear fusion that powers stars and eventually harness the incredible energy reactions like that produce to replace other, dirtier, less efficient forms of energy. Mm, baby, clean energy. Is it just us, or did it just get hotter in here? Like, 100 million degrees hotter …

Oh, there’s just one tiny incidental detail we should probably mention: “Another of [the facility's] roles is to study the conditions associated with the inner workings of nuclear weapons.” Well, there’s the rub. Um, yeah, that’s kind of a buzz kill.

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World’s largest laser opens [UC Newsroom download Loverboy

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Particles, on your marks! You may have heard whispers amongst your scientifically inclined circle of friends, or perhaps felt a tremor within the deepest subatomic particles of your gut concerning the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s financial future. Luckily, your quarks and muons will rest easy—or rather, they won’t, because the lab has received a massive financial endowment courtesy of the U.S. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to keep its particle accelerators running.

Yes, that sigh of relief you hear echoing from the Berkeley hills comes in response to a generous $115 million handout. read more »