There be some mutinous mutterin’ going on not an hour’s drive from San Francisco. Sick and tired of being ignored by lawmakers and political somebodies in Sacramento, a dozen Northern California and Oregon counties are plotting to form a brand new state. ‘Tis truth! If approved, Jefferson State would become the nation’s 51st – thereby ruining the beautiful proportions of the American flag, not to mention that one sing-along happy song that’s still being taught to toddlers by angelic grade-school mommies across the nation.

In scores of stores between Klamath Falls, Ore., to Dunsmuir, Calif., the hypothetical state’s flags hang in brazen tribute to the secession movement. Of course, the venture’s looking a mite quixotic at the moment, with one million signatures needed to even land the proposal on the California ballot. Tough deal, when Siskiyou County’s got 15,000 more bovines than it does people.

Advocates raise legitimate concerns – that Oregon and California aren’t taking care of their own, and that the region’s lifeblood industries, like fishing and timber, are being unfairly hampered by state regulations. Other concerns, like the effects of the flat-lining economy, rank as well. Get in line, guys.

Image Source: melynaguona under Creative Commons
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