We’re back with another detailed infographic to illustrate a fascinating social trend that can be observed of many Berkeley undergraduate students, and is ultimately responsible for subpar library selection – stutentus dysfunctionus. This week’s productivity chart, organized from a compilation of various scientific data on library location amenities, aims to support study habits by streamlining study location options available to students. Why are you still reading this?

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Click to expand.

If you’re so dysfunctional to need to use the above chart, you probably won’t benefit this late in the semester… So we hope that you’ll at least feel more productive with the help of this graphic. Happy procrastinating! read more »

… as we are unofficially dubbing “The Google Books Settlement and the Future of Information Access” conference, rather boringly titled if we do say so ourselves.

But despite the mouthful, the conference name doesn’t give a whole lot of info: It’s basically a bunch of people who have a read more »


Oh, harsh realities of budget cuts! First you went for our classes, then our student fees and now, our time-honored final season all-night Anoncon … er, we mean study sessions.

You heard right, the UC Regents voted Chancellor Birgeneau announced last week at the UC Regents meeting to that the 24-hour study halls in university campus libraries during finals will end due to budget cuts. This in addition to the usual, cutting student jobs, GSIs and, now, instating furloughs for UC employees.

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symmetry.jpgThank God, Allah and Tom Cruise – it’s Thursday, folks! Now that midterms have finished kicking in our teeth, the Clog would like to take a moment to briefly acknowledge the opening of a new library on campus. In other words, we took an exciting trip to the C.V. Starr East Asian Library so that you don’t have to.

The $46 million library is the only one in the country built explicitly for housing East Asian collections and artifacts. And the weird fracture pattern you see on the Memorial Glade-facing side of the building? read more »