3254358374_e112df3cbbDo you remember reading for fun? That was nice, wasn’t it? Relive the better days of your life this week at Litquake.

What is Litquake, you ask? No it is not a literal earthquake or a natural disaster of any sort (disappointed?). It is the West Coast’s largest independent literary festival. What co-director Jane Ganahl says started as 20 authors doing 10 minute readings in Golden Gate Park, is now 850 authors at 150 events all over San Francisco and the Bay Area. The festival started last Friday but there is still plenty to go.

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It’s that time in the semester when the dread settles: term paper topics dolled out like sub-prime mortgages, your professors ploughing through their syllabi faster than an after-school krump battle, your GSI’s once irresistible Foucault jokes suddenly about as funny as dysentery.

Let’s face it, you’re vulnerable. Prone to all sorts of poor decision-making. Like, if your cheating ex-girlfriend text messaged you right now saying she just got into law school and wants to celebrate with you in Moffitt, you’d be there in a flash.

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