Ah, the Academy Awards … or as we plebians say, “the Oscars.” The Clog doesn’t get out the fancy gown from Ross and $4 champagne for just any awards show. But the Oscars are not just any awards show. Yes, over the years they’ve doubled the Best Movie nominations, and this year Kung Fu Panda 2 is up for Best Animated Feature – but the Academy Awards are still that one night of the year we choose to care about famous people and can be proud of liking pretentious movies films. When else can we show off our limited knowledge of film score and pretend we recognize the Art Direction nominees? And despite the selling out, people are still making great films. And tonight we celebrate those people. And the special effects guys.

Follow our live blog, detailing the ups and downs, the fashion faux pas, the decisions that seem so life-changing (until the credits roll). Put on your tux, sip on that André, and enjoy the ride:

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Two days ago, the protests chronicled in the video above happened. Yesterday, the UC Regents approved an eight percent fee tuition hike. So, like last year when a similar thing happened, people have become angry. They are protesting. So far, protesters have been into Dwinelle Hall, have come out, have de-faced the faces, have moved on past California Hall and are now headed into Sproul Hall. And also, there are police officers.

It is unlikely this will end well. Follow the ways in which things go awry on the Daily Cal’s live blog or Twitter.

UC Board of Regents’ Meeting Protest [YouTube]
Live Blog: Protest Begins on Upper Sproul [Daily Cal]


So here we are, beloved Cloggers. Tomorrow is the Oct. 7 protest of cuts to public education funding (complete with possible walkout). Today there is a sort of kickoff to tomorrow’s events: the teach-in. We will be hearing from many speakers, both students and professors(?) alike. So sit back, relax, and hit refresh repeatedly as we delve into this evening’s teach-in. read more »


Football season is back, mes amis, and since we just came off a rather magnificent win, the season is looking pretty good so far. The best news of all, however, is that you can get real-time updates on the game without leaving your house. That’s right, the Daily Cal sports wizards will be live blogging the Colorado game this Saturday Sept. 11 starting at 12:30.

According to the Facebook event, there are some questions to be answered. “How will the Bears fare against an actual FBS opponent? Does it even matter that Colorado’s joining the Pac-12? Ready to see what happens in Part II of the Keenan Allen Show?”

We’d like to say that the answers are: “we’ll win,” “no,” and “hell yeah!” but you’ll just have to tune in to the live blog to find out. You can also comment and participate in in-game polls while you’re reading. Just don’t forget the body paint — even if you’re alone in your room, it’s still very important.

Image source: John-Morgan under Creative Commons
Live Blog: Cal Football vs. Colorado [Facebook]

8:23 a.m. PT: Good morning, everyone. The Clog is ready to kickoff an exciting day of Cal football. Right now, we’re setting up a quick game on NCAA Football ’08. The Clog will obviously be playing Cal, and Bill (a friend of the Clog’s) will suiting up as Air Force.

8:27: After forcing a three and out, the Clog went straight to Lavelle Hawkins on the first play from scrimmage. The result: a 72-yard touchdown. HAWK HAWK HAWK HAWK [picture us waving our arms as well]! read more »

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Coming in two days the Clog is going to be breaking new ground by bringing to you live commentary on the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl. This will be the first time the Clog has live blogged (or should we say, live clogged) a sporting event.

We’ve got an early kickoff time for the game at 9:30, so make sure to set your alarms. If you’re an early waker (think 8 am classes for pre-meds) you can tune into the Clog for some pre-game entertainment.

6:13: So, here we are, sitting in an empty room (166 Barrows by the way) waiting for the Daily Cal elections forum to begin. Okay, it’s not empty. Beetle/Justin Azadivar is here “mingling” with us.

That’s right, we’re going to be giving you all the play-by-play and color commentary of this grand event right here on the Clog.

And unlike other elections forums, ALL the candidates will be here, not just the kids from Student Action and CalSERVE. (Not that anything’s wrong with either of those parties).

Some things we’re looking to get out of this: How will Student Action respond to questions about being, well, Student Action? And will we know more about the man behind the Beetle?

So sit tight. Stay tuned. Once we get this party started, we’ll be here all night. (We’re actually hoping that we’re only here for two hours, but you never know with these things).

6:27: Looks like people like to get to things three minutes before something’s supposed to start. Awesome! Punctuality is important.

6:29: Candidates for ASUC President get to enter the Battle Royale first.

It’s also amazing to see how all the different parties huddle together in little cliques. Reminds us of middle school. No, it reminds us of high school. No, it reminds us of an ASUC election.

6:36: The order of the responses for the first-round of the candidates for President has been announced!

1) Eric Marshall (University Progress)
2) Travis Garcia (Independent)
3) Ilana Nankin (Student Action)
4) Joe Rothberg (SQUELCH!)
5) Van Nguyen (CalSERVE)
6) Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United)
7) Dimitri Garcia (Defend Affirmative Action Party)

Hope no one throws a fit about this.

6:43: Lower-Sproul Initiative question first, yay!

Eric Marshall broadens the Lower Sproul issue to the question of whether students should pay more fees. He says he wants to bring the issue to the tax-payers.

Yeah, that’s great, but what are you going to do about Lower Sproul? Nice dodge.

6:45: Someone doesn’t like Travis Garcia, someone exits and makes a loud sound during his response. Not cool. BTW, he looks dashing in his black t-shirt.

As for the question, he thinks that Cal looks run down. He wants Lower Sproul to be revitalized, but without student fees. Again, not saying too much.

6:46: Ilana Nankin bringing in the stats for supporting the Lower-Sproul referendum. Pretty good.

6:48: Joe Rothberg is wearing a crown.

We love SQUELCH! They’re refreshing.

Rothberg brings in “The Trickle down your throat theory,” stating that he’s going to use the $4,000 stipend given to the ASUC president and use on students. We’ll have a beer with him.

6:50: Ryan McDonald, the guy who’s running this thing, lays down the law. Apparently no one can yell out corrections during someone’s statement.

6:51: Someone in front of us is “silent-clapping” Van Nguyen’s thoughts about Lower Sproul. She’s wearing a CalSERVE shirt.

As for Nguyen, what did he just say? Something about not having students pay for Lower Sproul development.

He also got an ovation from his CalSERVE cronies.

6:54: Azadivar doesn’t need any recognition for his work, so he says. Oh, and his first point is pointing out a “lie” in Nankin’s response.

6:56: “It’s our university,” says Dimitri Garcia. Many, many, many times.

6:57: Every presidential candidate except Nankin opposes the Lower Sproul fee referendum.

6:59: We love Azadivar. He’s charismatic. He’s blunt. LOVE IT!

He tells the ASUC to “suck less.” We agree.

7:01: Nguyen says the “ASUC is more than a piggy bank.” Really?

Nguyen thinks that the ASUC executive office’s budget is too large. What does he plan to do? Give that money back to the student groups. Sounds like a “piggy bank” to us.

7:03: Rothberg says “stipends shouldn’t exist,” and admits that he doesn’t belong at Cal.


7:04: O! M! G! Nankin calls for “transparency” in the budgeting process! Wow!

7:06: Remember the question kids, what do you plan to do if student groups complain to the administration about the ASUC budgeting process?

What did Garcia say in response to this question? Not much. Kinda like those old Charlie Brown cartoons when the adults talk, “Wah, wah, wah, wah.”

7:08: Everyone gets to clap. Yaaay!

Executive Vice Presidents next. Your order:

1) Eunice Moon (Student Action)
2) Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United)
3) Taylor Albright (CalSERVE)
4) David Wasserman (SQUELCH!)

7:10: Moon commits faux pas, forgets question right after it’s asked. Oops.

But she does recover pretty well. Apparently, she likes senate office hours.

7:12: There are senate office hours? We didn’t know that.

Azadivar, unlike Moon, is against senate office hours. He wants everyone to go to senate meetings and throw shit at each other.

7:15: Albrighthatessenateofficehoursalso. Shesoundsreallybitterandspeaksreallyfast. REALLYREALLYFAST.


But at least she’s able to get all her thoughts down in two minutes. What those thoughts are, we have no idea. Can you repeat that please?

7:18: Wasserman doesn’t have as cool of a hat as Rothberg.

Moon looks really pissed right now. Why? Wasserman just attacked her platform. Directly. He says that senators don’t have enough time for more meetings.

Moon wants to add more meetings for senators. But, apparently, senators don’t go to meetings anyways. So why ask for more meetings?

Another attack: “You want your student government to do things, don’t vote for people who don’t do shit.” BRAVO!!!

7:20: These SQUELCH! guys may be funny and cynical, but they know their shit.

7:21: Albrightistalkingreallyreallyfastagain. Shespokesofastthatshedidntneedhertwominutes.

What did she say? Youknowyouknowyouknow.

7:23: Azadivar is ranting about how he hates the Graduate Assembly. But he’s a grad student?

7:25: Moon sounds really manly. We hope that she’s sick or has a sore throat. We couldn’t really hear her. Hopefully she said something useful.

7:28: Time for the non-exciting executive positions.

External Affairs VP candidates next. Your order:
1) Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United)
2) Megan Hopkins (DAAP)
3) John Waste (SQUELCH!)
4) Daniel Montes (CalSERVE)
5) Dwight Asuncion (Student Action)

First question, something about Cal Lobby Day.

7:30: Azadivar looks like he’s getting tired. We have no idea what he just said.

7:31: Hopkins didn’t show up. Her boy Dimitri is up there for her. We’ll tune out now.

7:32: Garcia calls for a strike. That woke us up. But what for?

7:33: Waste also not in attendance. Funny man, and ASUC EVP loser Ben Narodick’s his proxy. More time to tune out.

7:36: Montes’ tie is dashing. He also doesn’t know that Waste isn’t here and that Narodick, who is playing the part of Waste, isn’t Waste. He just turned, looked at Narodick, and called him John Waste. Awesome.

He also ran out of time.

: Uh-oh! Someone forgot to turn off their cell phone during Asuncion’s response. Doesn’t phase him though.

He also just said that UCSA represents all 10 UC campuses. But didn’t Azadivar just say that UC Davis pulled out?

Asuncion’s also name dropping some guys he knows up in Sacramento. Do we care?

7:39: Second question: How will you bring in the student voice in Telegraph Avenue’s revitalization?

Asuncion asks for time to gather his thoughts. Not good. You gotta think quick kid.

7:41: Asuncion is reading off a piece of paper. Sounds bad, but he just jotted down some notes. But we’re not defending him. Where’s the eye contact? He didn’t say much either.

7:43: Montes thinks the ASUC is a “great mediator” between the city and the campus. Nice. But how will you do this?

Also, still no Waste.

7:45: Narodick’s doing a great job being John Waste. In terms of university and city relations, he proposes to move the CITY OF BERKELEY to Fresno.

That would get rid of a lot of those problems the campus has.

7:47: Um, why is immigrant rights important in the discussion of city and university relations, and in the Telegraph Ave. debate? We don’t know. But Garcia, as a proxy for Hopkins, is talking about it.

Um, that’s not answering the question. Need a reminder? How will you bring the student voice into the discussion of the Telegraph Avenue revitalization debate?

7:51: Azadivar is blatantly attacking Asuncion. He just pointed to him and called him a Republican? Is that right? He also just said that Asuncion is scared of homeless people. Maybe, but Asuncion looks really pissed.

McDonald just laid down the law again. He pretty much just said don’t attack people views outside of the questions being asked. Nice. Lay the law DOWN!

7:52: Academic Affairs VP is next. Here’s your order:

1) Carolina Jauregui (CalSERVE)
2) Curtis Lee (Student Action)
3) Gabriela Galicia (DAAP)
4) Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United)
5) John O’Connor (SQUELCH!)

First question, should the ASUC be a venue for students having a say in that new energy science BP deal thing?

7:55: To sum up what Jauregui thinks: Yes.

7:56: Ditto for Lee.

7:57: Galicia’s looks really nervous. Lots of ums. But, um, she, um, agrees, um, with, um, both, um, Lee, um, and, um, Jauregui.

7:58: Again, Azadivar, after admitting that he kind of fell asleep during the last three candidates’ responses, thinks that students should be assholes to the university to try to get their way.

8:00: Is O’Connor really a SQUELCH! party member? Because he’s not as funny as his cohorts. He also said that it’s not his job to deal with the BP deal. Snore.

Second question: How should you get undergraduate students into research opportunities?

O’Connor’s answer: He doesn’t know.

8:01: Azadivar’s response, undergraduates don’t know shit, so the ASUC shouldn’t help. Of course, we’re paraphrasing.

8:02: Okay, Galicia is just trying to be different from Azadivar and O’Connor. Well, more in contrast to Azadivar. Um, for some reason, um, she brought in Proposition 209.

She’s trying to tie it in to giving more students the opportunity for research. But if undergrads aren’t qualified, then why should the ASUC push for more undergrad research opportunities?

8:04: Lee wants to publicize what the ASUC can do for undergrads and getting them research opportunities. But he doesn’t really say what those opportunities are.

8:06: Jauregui proposes a “research fair,” kind of like a career fair.

Oh, AAVP offers undergrad grants. Thanks for telling us what Lee didn’t, Jauregui. She also calls for more ASUC transparency in the budgeting process.

8:07: ALMOST DONE! Student Advocates up next. Maybe we’ll get done before 8:30. Your order:

1) Ben Narodick (SQUELCH!)
2) Ajay Krishnamurthy (Independent)
3) Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United)

First question, how will you make students understand what exactly the Student Advocate does?

8:09: Narodick’s not very funny right now. We’re kind of disappointed. Wants the Student Advocate to be proactive and attack the university.

Secondly, he’s going to buy every student a shot of Jagermeister, in hopes of getting students to know what the Student Advocate office does.

We could go for a shot right now.

8:11: Wow, compromise! Student Action and CalSERVE both endorse Krishnamurthy.

That may just be enough for get him the office.

His point? Student Advocate office is a serious job.

8:12: McDonald’s laying the law down once again, telling Azadivar to stay on task.

He says if he gets elected, he’s going hire Narodick and Krishnamurthy.

8:13: Question is about what should the Student Advocate’s Office role be in the whole illegal downloading lawsuit debate?

8:14: Azadivar and Krishnamurthy both agree, Student Advocate can only inform students and can’t really give legal advice when it comes to lawsuits from the RIAA and the MPAA.

8:15: Narodick says a whole bunch of nothing, again. Not as funny as we thought he’d be.

8:16: Referenda time! First up, Student Life Fee.

Ground rules, two or three minute speech about each referenda, plus one question from McDonald.

8:19: Student Life Fee Pro Stance. Speaking for it is current Executive VP, Vishal Gupta.

Pretty much, he’s saying that, ASUC has no money and needs more money so that student groups don’t get cut. Cal Band, UC Choral, UC Jazz and SUPERB came to the ASUC asking for more money.

If the referendum passes, Superb gets $250,000. UC Jazz and UC Choral don’t get as much.

Cal Band has a deficit of $100,000.

That’s pretty much all the pro stance has.

But we have to ask, how did Cal Band lose so much money?

8:22: Against Student Life Fee. Azadivar is speaking against it and says it’s an increase in student fees. The fact that ASUC has no money is a lie. If the ASUC is going to raise fees, they should have a general fee raise, so that all student groups get more money.

8:23: We totally missed the questions asked by McDonald. Gupta and Azadivar are speaking too fast. There’s a bunch of talk about money this money that and a lot of numbers are being thrown out at us. Uh, kind of confusing.

8:25: The Against Student Life Fee guy, Azadivar, is saying that the referenda process isn’t fair. Apparently, you need to know Gupta to get a referendum on the ballot, so says Azadivar.

8:27: TGIF referendum up next. It’s something about making the campus green and sustainable.

We couldn’t hear what the against stance just said. But it was something along the lines that student fees suck.

8:30: We have to say that referenda are boring. Just no personality behind these guys.

The pro TGIF guy is saying a lot of good things, we think, like how TGIF offers grants for sustainability and that these grants will be competitive, somehow.

But really, will contractors really want to use these grants? And will the university actually use this money to renovate buildings?

8:31: Against Stance says that the ASUC doesn’t renovate buildings. Good point.

8:32: Yeah, these referenda are so boring that people are starting to leave. Most of them are CalSERVE supporters. Well, they are wearing CalSERVE shirts.

8:33: Lower Sproul Referendum up next. More people leave.

8:36: Pro Stance first.

Eshleman and the student union are seismically unsafe. This guy says that the campus life safety fee is not under the control of the students. As it should be. If the university wants to raise fees to make us safe, so be it.

But anyways, this guy seems really paranoid. He says that if the university raises the campus life safety fee, then there won’t be any spaces for student groups. Take a chill pill guy.

8:38: Azadivar is speaking against this referendum. He says that students don’t get any guarantees from the university if the fee passes.

8:39: Question, are there alternatives to the Lower Sproul fee?

Azadivar is doing a lot of talking and not saying much. We wonder if this is taking a toll on his concentration. He just said a whole lot nothing when answering the above question.

Of course the For Lower Sproul fee guy thinks there isn’t an alternative.

8:41: LAST ITEM OF THE NIGHT! SQUELCH! referendum. Thank goodness.

Azadivar opposes this fee again. He pretty much says that if there has to be a fee, there should be a fee that supports everyone, not just for one group. We guess he isn’t getting tired.

8:43: Wow, Narodick is real serious about this whole Squelch thing. He’s listing a lot of numbers, calling Squelch a financial investment. He points out that Squelch gives out free advertising space.

But if you ask these student groups to pay for advertising space, then wouldn’t you not need the fee?

8:46: Azadivar says that it’s a fee increase and that it doesn’t benefit those who don’t read Squelch or don’t use Squelch. He’s sticking to his guns saying that it only benefits one student group.

8:47: Narodick fires back that it actually helps student groups who advertise in Squelch.

We guess so. Maybe.

8:48: Finally, this things done.

The elections forum was long. Tiring. We have to say that these referenda discussions were boring. Probably because it was at the end of the event.

We also have to say that Azadivar gave an amazing performance tonight. We mean, he spoke for almost everything. Much props to him.

Sometime during the night, Narodick said that the Daily Cal misspelled “ASUC” on the voter’s guide that was released earlier this week. No, it wasn’t the Daily Cal’s fault, it was the ASCU’s fault.

Those DAAP candidates really have some sort of agenda. Please, just answer the question asked.

Finally, Moon and Asuncion really need to not take this so seriously. Just because SQUELCH! and Azadivar personally attacked you at some point during the forum doesn’t mean you have to get all shit-faced and angry.

Oh and Van, we loved your facial expressions tonight.