In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

In these trying times, the internet is your only friend.

The final days of dead week are upon us and it seems that every Cal student is locked up in the library with only textbooks and a laptop for comfort (including us at the Clog, if you couldn’t tell). Still, even with only two days left until finals, it’s hard to force yourself to cram all day (that’s 12 hours of not having fun!) without the occasional sojourn to YouTube, Tumblr or Facebook. read more »

Mmm Coookiezzz.
Studyin’, bein’ productive, doin’ some studying … Surfin’ the interwebs, checkin’ Facebook … Now LiveJournal … Hey, is that AnonCon? It’s already back up? Oh em geez, we have to see if anyone’s said anything about us!

No, no, no. We can’t start reading that crap now. We have a final tomorrow at 8 a.m.  Shit, what time is it? Plus, it’s all just people bitching about their lives which are so embarrassing that they have to complain about them anonymously. But guessing who’s writing things is half the fun! The other half, obviously read more »

Your mommy told you not to, but there is nothing more intriguing than talking to strangers. First, there was that Japanese pen pal you abandoned in fifth grade, after you realized that French pals were more trendy. Later on in life, Post Secret came along for you to divulge your dirtiest secrets. Now, UC Berkeley LiveJournal user sporkly wants us to send “pirate mail” to random people–without the aid of an address. How, you ask? Sporkly explains:

So deadletter is coming back to the UC Berkeley, in January of this year. And for those who might remember our last hit on campus, we show up, put our signs everywhere, videotape people wondering _what_ the signs are about, and slowly increase our presence.

If you post your Pirate Mail address below, we will get some stranger to write you a letter, and then it will be delivered to some random person on campus. And perhaps it will get to you, and perhaps it will not.

At first, we struggled to find a good reason for the “deadletter” people, their ambiguous posters and the pre-campaign LiveJournal post. Google led us to think the basic intention is to market a lame e-mail filter a la the Boston Mooninite madness. Alas, it is not.


A pirate mail address is a description of you in terms of your network connections – who or where can we get mail to, which will then get to you?

Good formats for Pirate Mail addresses…
Name or Nickname
Place you are know or Group you are known by
Department/Major/Area of study (if helpful)
UC Berkeley
what you want someone to write you about

In layman’s terms: It’s just your great-grandma’s way of sending messages that has nothing to do with Facebook, 41 cent stamps or a three to five day delivery guarantee (or a delivery guarantee at all).

The Clog wants some pirate mail action! Feel free to send glowing praise below, in the usual comment box fashion. Hate mail, on the other hand, may be sent to our pirate mail address at:

The Clog
Blogging about tree-sitters, protests and a crappy football season
The Intraweb
UC Berkeley
Write about: How much you love us!

Pirate Mail? I Want Pirate Mail! [UCB Livejournal Community]

Today, the UC Berkeley LiveJournal community highlighted an opinion piece from the Chron about the Nuclear-Free-Vegan-Save-The-Trees Zone, a.k.a Memorial oak grove. LJers responded mostly supporting the piece, agreeing that the tree-sitters are wasting their time.

From the Chron, Debra J. Saunders writes:

Like young children, the tree-sitters have no sense of proportion. They can leave at any time. They eat and mix with others as they will. The worst they have to fear is five days in jail. Yet they equate their plight with that of Gitmo inmates?

We think that comment alone deserves a slow clap. Krista, our resident NFVSTTZ-obsessed, would stand up, a tear forming in one eye and dramatically smack her hands together. The clapping would be infectious, and soon enough, the rest of Berkeley would follow in kind.

Saunders even mentions the Daily Cal, though not by name. She emphasizes the burden the tree-sitters have put on the campus police force, explaining that

Their cause is so ludicrous that a student newspaper editorial faulted a TV story on the tree-sitters’ Thanksgiving among the branches for failing to mention “the police officers who had to miss Thanksgiving with their own families because they had to patrol the oak grove.”

(The link is our own emphasis.)

The editorial to which she refers, in fact, came after the Clog posted a video from the TV story. Yeah, so we’re obsessed with the tree people … because it’s all so absolutely ridiculous, even for Berkeley.

Image Source: Shamim Pakzad, Daily Cal
With their heads in the trees [SF Chron]
With their heads in the trees [UCB LJ Community]
A Dangerous Home [Daily Cal]
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The best (or in most cases, worst) of Berkeley’s blogosphere.

* Bears Necessity: Avinash leaves us with a note so depressing we worry about his mental health. Buddy, there is help for you.* Nuts & Boalts: Al “Told You So” Gore for 2008! Ya really think so?* LJ Community: Berkeley students must be vigilant! Abstinence and sobriety could happen to you.

* Beetle Beat: This actually made us laugh out loud. Fish are racist bastards, don’t cha know.

* scot hacker’s foobar blog: Is the dancer turning counter-clockwise or clockwise? Are you left-brained or right? We don’t know, man–this is freaking us out!

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It’s one of those things, much like waiting in the long line at the FSM or listening to ABBA. You laugh at people doing it, but when no one is looking, you do it yourself.

That’s right, the Spring 2008 Class List and Schedule of Classes are now online. Why did you not know about it before? Because the Man (a.k.a. the university) is purposely trying to undermine your efforts to craft the perfect schedule and graduate in a reasonable amount of time.

OK, maybe you didn’t know about it because someone was lazy. Instead of changing the title of the list and schedule to say “Spring 2008,” it still says “Spring 2007.” Yeah, pretty sneaky.

We’d like to flatter ourselves and say that only at Berkeley do people secretly and desperately anticipate the arrival of next semester’s schedule. But truth be told, we know that there really are nerds everywhere.

Nonetheless, the LiveJournal Community was decently abuzz with both anticipation for the schedule posting and comments about the classes being “leaked.”

OK, so no one used the word “leaked,” but we know that’s way you disclose priceless information.

Online Class List [UC Berkeley]
Online Schedule of Classes [UC Berkeley]
Schedule Anticipation [LiveJournal]
Schedule News [LiveJournal]

Have you ever wondered about weird chalk writing around the campus? No, it’s not Student Action (oh, that joke will never get old). Apparently, it’s love, according to posters on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community:

bq. Since about two weeks ago, somebody chalked a series of phrases starting from Memorial Glade up to Sather Gate. They started out like “She always orders hot dogs,” “She kisses you even when you’re driving”; then they turned into “We’re fatasses,” “We make each other laugh”; and by Sproul Plaza they became pleads: “You were selfless. You are perfect. Please take me back. I’ll be different…”

bq. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen (made me cry a little, frankly). Anyone know the story behind this? (Did she take him back?)

And, more importantly, did he use hairspray?

One LJ-er claims to have seen the denouement:

bq. actually the messages led to Sproul, where he played music and held up placards (like in love actually, when the guy who is in love with Keira Knightly) saying things about how amazing she was and how he was sorry. Then he gave her flowers and she kissed him, and everyone who figured out what was going on applauded.

Most of the LJ-ers seemed to think the whole thing sweet, cute, adorable–insert your sappy adjective here. It makes us think that A) they are either lowerclassmen or B) they are normal human beings untainted by blogger cynicism.

At least one LJ-er is on our side, saying that: “I thought it was an art installation that was meant to be kind of ironic. I guess I have no soul.”

Souls, shmouls. An art installation would have been an excellent idea. Plus, that would have guaranteed free wine and beer and cheese at its art-studio-sponsored opening.

Image Source: Mike Plante
sidewalk romance [UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community]

WOMB is a breakdown of thoughts gestating at UC Berkeley as revealed through the Livejournal community.

People are obsessing over school, and it hasn’t even started yet. If you think about it, school hasn’t even ended yet (for summer sessions). LiveJournal certainly catches this trend as increasingly more students fret over schedules, money and pizza too.

Even one of our own posts was a relative hit this week. Who knew that mirrored rooms would be so intriguing?

Of course, we were looking for an area to practice some dancin’. Really, we were. One commenter had a dirty mind:

bq. dance practice? for some reason mirrored room gave me other ideas.

One student needed help deciding between Poli Sci with Professor Gregor, “the entertaining jerk,” or English with Professor Bishop, “the loveable guy with public speaking anxiety.” Either one looks good, but we’d have to go for Gregor—mostly because we could totally sell the dude some books.

Other students (not necessarily looking to cash in) recommended Gregor, prizing entertainment over education:

bq. Gregor is a nutcase. When I took him, a girl walked in late on the first day of class and sat on the stairwell. He told her to take a real seat, and when she didn’t move he asked her if she understood English (this girl was Asian, mind you). What followed was a chorus of “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”s from the rest of the class.

If you do take Gregor’s class, make sure never to be late. Also, turn off your cell phone, and don’t fall asleep. Additionally, debate with him only during office hours and not in class. He’ll kick you out of lecture for any of these infractions. Sometimes, he’ll throw in a personal insult in the process.

Actually, we’d just suggest going to class three times the entire semester—for the first day, the midterm and the final. Or just take the Daily Cal crossword/sudoku to bide time.

Seriously, though, we’d rather stare at pictures of kitties. Don’t make us think about school just yet.

UC Berkeley Community [LiveJournal]
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Early this morning, an earthquake of a 4.2 magnitude occurred two miles away from Oakland. Many Berkeley residents felt it, including the Clog and, of course, the LiveJournal community.

Now, we know that another relatively big one might not strike again so soon, but the Clog does not work within levels of rationality. Plus, the last Harry Potter book is coming out at midnight, and we need time to read it. What we’re saying is, well, we’re taking a break and getting the heck outta Dodge.

In the meantime, go chatter nervously/excitedly about the earthquake/Harry Potter spoilers. We’re so outie–until Monday at least.

Although, you know, we could surprise you with a few posts this weekend. Who knows. Bloggers are mysterious, uncontrollable people.

Au revoir!

4.2 Earthquake [US Geological Survey]
Rrrrumble! [UCB LJ Community]

Phase II of Telebears starts July 18, and you need to fill out your schedule. If you’re looking for electives and classes that won’t kill your GPA, look no further than majoring in Mass Comm. We’re kidding. Of course.

Taking the advice of posters on the UC Berkeley LiveJournal Community, we compiled a list of classes to consider when you need just a few more units for fall semester.

Unfortunately, UC Berkeley does not offer any real basket weaving courses.

Sliding Number of Units

  • Any DeCal listed on the site.
  • These courses will be up at the end of July. The site tends to list the courses progressively (and not all at once), so you may want to check back often.

    2 Units

  • Integrative Biology C82: Introduction to Oceans, MW 1-2 p.m. in 155 Dwinelle
  • 3 Units

  • Nutritional Science and Toxicology 10: Introduction to Human Nutrition, MW 2-3 p.m. in 150 Wheeler
  • Physics C10: Physics for Future Presidents, TuTh 9:30-11 a.m. in 1 Pimentel
  • Psychology 130: Clinical Psychology, MW 2-3 p.m. in 100 GPB
  • Psychology 150: Psychology of Personality, TuTh 10-11 a.m. in 100 GPB
  • Psychology 160: Social Psychology, MW 9-10 a.m. in 100 GPB
  • One community member said that a friend took Social Pyschology, an “awesome and absurdly easy” class.

    “A final composed of 2 short essays that you get the prompt to weeks before? Sounds pretty easy to me,” the member added.

    4 Units

  • Asian American Studies 20A: Introduction to the History of Asians in the United States, MWF 10-11 a.m. in 145 Dwinelle
  • College Writing 110: Advanced Composition: Challenging Writing, TuTh 2-3:30 p.m. in 14 Haviland
  • Development Studies C10: Introduction to Development, TuTh 12:30-2 p.m. in 2060 VLSB
  • Linguistics 5: Language and Linguistics, MWF 3-4 p.m. in 120 Latimer
  • Linguistics 55AC: The American Languages, MWF 3-4 p.m. in 145 Dwinelle
  • Sociology 3AC: Principles of Sociology, MWF 11 a.m.-12 p.m. in 105 Stanley
  • Another community member said of the College Writing course:

    bq. A great workshop class to improve your writing in a pretty stress free environment with a great laid back teacher. First day of class she comes out and says she gives everyone A’s as long as they come to class and do the work, which isn’t too bad.

    5 Units

  • Any foreign language course.
  • On student claimed that a language course is “awesomely fun and an easy 5-unit A.”

    When it comes to finding a decent schedule, we wish you the best of luck. We’ve seen some pretty gnarly schedules, and those students are never too happy with that. We suggest Aman’s UCB Schedule Planner. Word on the street is … it’s pretty sweet.

    UCB LJ Community–Easy Classes [LJ Seek]
    Search Fall 2007 [Online Schedule of Classes]

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